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Outreach Committee

Parent Co-Chairs   Pricilla Cho and Linda Cheung       Faculty Co-Chair   Ellen Siegel

The Outreach Committee welcomes families new to our school whose primary language is not English.

Our goal is to inform families of services and events available at EM Baker or in the community.

The Outreach Committee hosts International Week in February

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Shared Decision Making

The Shared Decision Making Commitee is comprised of parents, teachers and administrators
who meet each month to discuss topics and goals intended to improve the quality of life at school.

It is a forum for communication of ideas from different perspectives.

Goals emerge from common concerns expressed by committee members and the school community.

School events, presentations and policies which have been initiated, planned or upated by the
Shared Decision Making Committee include, but are not limited to:
  • Character Counts
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Family Game and Activity Night/TV Turnoff Week
  • Health and School Nutrition Awareness/HOOPS Night
  • Homework Policy
  • Literature Evening-Book Buddy programs for grades 3-5
  • School Safety and traffic concerns
  • Bullying/Ostracism
  • School/Parent Communication
Parent Chairperson

Karishma Ramphul

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The United Parent-Teacher Council is an organization dedicated to the educational excellence of our
school district through the involvement and active participation of the entire school

The UPTC committees include:
  • Budget
  • Calendar
  • Computer Technology
  • Educational Enhancement
  • Health Education
  • Legislative
  • Recreation
  • Safety and Transportation
  • Total Community Involvement
  • Shared Decision Making

Olga Kagan
Dena Surks
Melinda Smith
Margo Berkowitz
Ron Kosinski (SEPTA)
For more information please access their website by clicking here.

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Delegate    Ron Kosinski

SEPTA of Great Neck is a Special Education PTO organization whose members include parents,
caregivers, teachers, and therapists of students with special needs as well as other staff
and members of the Great Neck School community. We aim to facilitate an open forum for communicat-
ing the needs, and desires of those who come into contact with identified students. We keep abreast of
recent educational legislation that effects our students. Anyone connected to the Great Neck school
district is encouraged to join.

Our Mission
  • To offer support and guidance to parents and families whose children receive
    the various district services.
  • To communicate and promote a productive exchange of information with administrators,
    educators and families in the Great Neck Public Schools and community.
  • To provide a forum for parents and families to educate and disseminate information
    on available services, legislative initiatives, Federal and NYS Education Department issues that
    effect their special education student.
For more information please access their website by clicking here.

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Chairpersons    Ellena Vesselinov and Melanie Cooper

The Yearbook Committee is responsible for designing and producing the E.M. Baker Yearbook,
creating a special memento of the school year.

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Chairpersons    Lena Kavakeb, Laleh Zar , and Jaimie Kerben

The fundraising committee organizes and runs events throughout the year to raise money
that will be used to enhance the educational experience of E.M. Baker students. Money raised
by the PTO is used for cultural events, new equipment for the classroom, books for the
classrooms and library, and running social events.

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