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Your dues and the money raised at events enrich the school and our children's education.
Here's a list of what we've done since the Spring of 2013:
  • Greenhouse & gardening supplies for greenhouse
  • Lobby furniture
  • 10 iPads (and iPad covers) to be used by the art and music classrooms
    for special projects
  • 25 iPad styluses for use by all classes, as needed
  • 5 additional iPads and iPad covers for use by the Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • Model of the human body for Science class
  • Erosion table for use in Science, to teach the concept of erosion with visual/ kinesthetic model
  • Musical "Boomwhackers" -- tuned percussion tubes that are lightweight, hollow, color-coded,
    plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length -- for use in Music class, to teach musical notes
  • Library books
  • Money to each classroom for books and other teaching aids
  • "Habits for Life" posters (PTO covered cost of printing)
  • DJ for Baker Picnic
  • $1,000 towards the 5th grade "Project Adventure" Trip
  • Author visits -- Brian Pinkney & Peter Catalanato
  • Cultural Arts events (co-sponsored with BOCES):
    •    Squeaky Clean Band -- Roots of Rock & Roll (for all grades, in October)
    •    Earth Balloon (for 4th grade, in February)
    •    Catskill Puppet (all grades, in March)
    •    Charlotte's Web (all grades, June)