Teacher Book Picks

The second grade teachers recommend the following authors to second grade readers:
Marc Brown, Kevin Henkes, Mary Pope Osborne, and Gail Gibbons
Below you will find an overview of these authors and links to their web sites.
Happy reading!


Marc Brown
Marc Brown gets his ideas for the Arthur books from his own personal experiences with children.
Children have an easy time relating the the characters in his books.

Kevin Henkes
Kevin Henkes captures the humor
that can be seen in real life
situations. His whimsical illustrations
add another dimension.

Mary Pope Osborne
Mary Pope Osborne is the author of The Magic Tree House books. Students really enjoy this series because her books allow children to travel to another place and time. Once a child reads one, he/she will be hooked!

Gail Gibbons
Gail Gibbons' informational books appeal to children because of their illustrations and clarity of text. Some of our favorite topics include: apples, the moon, and the weather.

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