Third Grade
Teacher Book Picks

The third grade teachers recommend the following authors to third grade readers:
Beverly Cleary, Patricia Polacco, Joanna Hurwitz, and Ann Cameron.
Below you will find an overview of these authors and their
books as well as links to all of their web sites.
Happy reading!

Beverly Cleary's books are written specifically for children in third grade. Her characters experience events and emotions that most eight and nine year old children can relate to personal experiences. Below are links to the Beverly Cleary website which provides information on her books, her characters and her personal life.
In addition, there are activities and games based on her characters like, Ramona, Muggie Maggie and Henry.
Visit the site and explore the possibilities...


"I came from a family of incredible storytellers. My mother's people were from the Ukraine and father's people were from Ireland. My extended family, were from the bayous of Louisiana...also great story tellers. When you are raised on hearing stories.....not seeing them, you become very good at telling stories yourself. So at the age of 41 I started putting stories that I told down on paper and did drawings to help illustrate them...I guess the rest is history." Patricia Polacco's books demonstrate the diversities that exist in our world. Children of all ages learn valuable lessons about family and culture through the expert storytelling and illustrations of Patricia Polacco. Click on her name to visit her web site and to learn more about Patricia Polacco's personal experiences.

Johanna Hurwitz
"Johanna Hurwitz is the author of over five dozen books for young readers. She is the recipient of many state awards, including the Texas Bluebonnet Award, the Kentucky Bluegrass Award, and the Garden State Children's Choice Award. She lives in Great Neck, NY. Johanna Hurwitz always knew she wanted to be a writer. She started by telling stories to her brother, who is six years her junior, and she's been making up stories ever since. Born and raised in New York City, she earned her B.A. degree from Queens College and went on to receive a master's in library science from Columbia University. She embarked on a career as a children's librarian, but she never forgot that one day she wanted to write books, too. Although she had told original stories to her children, it was not until they were well along in school that Mrs. Hurwitz actually began to write down her stories. That's why, when children ask her how long it takes to write a book,
she replies that her first, Busybody Nora, took her whole life."
To read more about Johanna Hurwitz click on the images and visit her website!

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