Fifth Grade
Curriculum Highlights

In fifth grade we develop our writing skills
through our Writer's Workshop with an emphasis
on content, style, and grammar. Our basal reading
program is enhanced through the reading novels.
We respond in various ways to analyze the text.
We develop our public speaking skills through
a variety of oral projects.

We perfect our basic skills in math and
strive to achieve competency in
problem solving. We cover topics
including algebra and geometry.

Think Central
Math in Focus

Social Studies
We start our year by reviewing and deepening our knowledge of New York and United States history. We continue with studies in Westward Expansion, Slavery and the Civil War, Immigration, Inventions and the Industrial Revolution, Citizenship and Government. Studies include comparisons with other countries in the western hemisphere. Our projects center on research skills.

Preparation For Middle School
The fifth grade students prepare for middle school by implementing strategies in organization and by learning various study methods including note-taking, SQ3R, and outlining. Discussions are held based on student selected topics such as anxieties related to middle school. This may include transition, scheduling, homework, and testing.

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