Fourth Grade
Curriculum Highlights


Fourth grade Writer's Workshop has many different focuses throughout the year. Students love writing memoirs where they incorporate writing techniques such as similes, metaphors onomatopoeia and figurative language. We continue by learning how to write persuasive essays, where the children are required to do research in order to convince others to see their point.

Incorporating literature into the math curriculum throughout the year keeps motivation high and helps students to make real world connections. We begin the year focusing on place value, graphing, multiplication and division. Later on we move toward geometry and measurement. All our experiences are learned through hands-on exploration and technology integration. We approach problem solving teaching the children a variety of strategies and having them create their own written problems.

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Social Studies
Social Studies in fourth grade focuses on New York. We spend a great deal of time on the geographical features, early settlers and the exploration of New York. We finish our year with the American Revolution and the interaction of government.
As an exciting culminating activity to our Colonial History unit, the fourth grade takes a trip back in time to a local historical treasure, Old Bethpage Village of Restoration. This "hands-on" history lesson allows children to experience firsthand the daily activities of 19th Century life in Long Island. Activities will include visiting an 1845 schoolhouse, seeing livestock (often with new babies at the right time of year), watching a hatter demonstrate his skills, and many others! For more information visit the website at:

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