Second Grade
Curriculum Highlights


English Language Arts in second grade includes
skills in many areas.
In reading, the focus is on decoding,
comprehension, and fluency. In
Writer's Workshop, second graders
learn how to write in complete
sentences, how to develop a paragraph,
and the five purposes for
writing: a letter, narrative, descriptive,
persuasive, and expository.

Mathematics in second grade focuses on
basic computation skills, number relations,
problem solving strategies, and analyzing data.

Fabulous Math Websites

Think Central
Math in Focus

Second Graders Online

Game Aquarium
Word Frog
Monkey Business Sentences
Coconut Vowels
Interactive Math Skill Builders
Language Arts Skill Builders

Social Studies
The focal point of second grade social
studies is communities.
Children will learn to differentiate
between rural, suburban,
and urban communities and learn
how communities change over time. Map
skills are an integral part of our program.

Special Units
Second graders participate in a socialization
program call Second Step.
This program
emphasizes cooperation, problem solving,
and empathy towards others.


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