Third Grade
Curriculum Highlights


Social Studies
Native Americans
All of the third grade classes complete an in-depth study of the Eastern Woodland Indians. Students complete a variety of activities that enhance their understanding of the Native American communities of long ago and their role in the history of the United States. In addition the children have the opportunity to complete a web quest that guides them through Internet sites documenting Native American history and traditions.

Below is a link to this web quest.
Native American Web Quest

Communities Around the World
All of the third grade classes are involved in year long studies of communities around the world. Some of the communities covered may include the United States, Japan, China, Arctic Regions, Israel, and Europe. These units of study include people, culture, climate, and geography. Comparisons and connections are made between self and others.

Visit these sites to continue learning about people and places all over the globe. 
Kid Space The Internet Public Library

Math Units of Study
Adding Whole Numbers
Subtraction Number Sense and
Subtracting Whole Numbers to Solve Problems
Multiplication Meanings and Facts,
Multiplication Fact Strategies: Use Known Facts


Reading Units of Study
Making a Reading Life
Following Characters into Meaning: Envision, Predict,
Synthesize and Infer
Folktales, Fairy Tales and Fables
Nonfiction Reading: Expository and Narrative

Cursive Writing
Third Graders begin learning to write in cursive at the beginning of third grade. The transition from manuscript to cursive writing is a gradual process which requires both teacher directed instruction and independent practice time.

Visit the site below for helpful handwriting hints.

Cursive Handwriting

Writing Units of Study
Launching the Writing Workshop/Personal Narrative
Raising the Quality of Personal Narrative
Writing Folktales and Fairy Tales


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