Grade 1

Summer Reading Lists

Dear Parents,

We have compiled a list of our favorite authors whose books you may enjoy reading with your child this summer. Titles by these authors can be found in the Great Neck Public Library and may be used to work on the summer reading activity. The finished project should be handed in by September 19, 2006. Happy Reading!


The First Grade Teachers



1. Eric Carle

2. H.A. Rey (Curious George Series)

3. Arnold Lobel (Frog and Toad Series)

4. John Burningham

5. Miriam Cohen

6. Russell Hoban (Frances Series)

7. Jan Brett

8. Marc Brown (Arthur Series)

9. William Steig

10. Gail Gibbons **

11. David Adler **

12. John Marshall (author of many folk and fairy tales)


** Denotes non-fiction material in the areas of science and social studies

See You In September!



First Grade Reading Activity




Directions: Your child must read at least one book during the summer. Then select one or more of the activities from the list below for your child to complete alone or with an adult. The finished project should be handed in by September 19, 2006.


Date(s) Activity Completed


________ 1. Create a paper bag puppet of one of the story characters. Write the character's name and the title of the book on the paper bag.


________ 2. Create a new cover for the book you read. Make sure your cover includes the title, author, and illustrator.


________ 3. Draw a picture of you favorite part of the book. Include the title and author of the book in your picture.


________ 4. Write a letter to the author telling him/her what you liked about the book.


** The first grade teachers will gladly offer assistance with the summer reading project or answer any questions during the first two weeks of school.




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