Grade 4

Summer Reading Lists

 Dear Students,

We have prepared a special book list just for you! All students entering grade 4 are expected to read one or more realistic fiction books. Realistic fiction stories reflect life as it it were lived in the past or as it could be lived today. They focus on problems such as growing up, fighting with peers, or living as part of a family or in modern society.


Following is a list of some realistic fiction books that you may find interesting:


Book Titles
Johanna Hurwitz

Rip-Roaring Russell
School's Out
Class Clows

Matt Christopher All Sports Books
Barbara Park Kid in the Red Jacket
Operation Dump the Chump
Judy Blume Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Louis Sachar Sideways Stories


*Hank Zipzer ( Henry Winkler)
*Dear Dumb Diary ( Jim Benton)
*Horrible Harry (Suzy Kline)
*Boxcar Children
*Magic School Bus
*Amber Brown
*Judy Moody and Stink (Megan McDonald)

While you are reading your book selection, use the graphic organizer to take notes. Please bring it with you on the first day of school. We will complete a project in class together based on your book.

Summer is also a good time to practice your multiplication facts. We have included a chart to help you along.


Happy reading this summer!

The Fourth Grade Teachers



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