Grade 5

Summer Reading Lists

Dear Students,

As fifth graders you are being asked to read at least one book over the summer. Please refer to the list of historical fiction novels below for one (or more) of your choices. The graphic organizer in your packet will help you take detailed notes as you read. This graphic organizer will help you to write a report when you return to school in the fall. During the first week of school, we will write a summary together about one of the books below using your graphic organizer.






Morning Girl
by Michael Dorris

The Double Life of Pocahonta
by Jean Fritz

Sarah Bishop by Scott O'Dell

The Cabin Faced West
by Jean Fritz

The Courage of Sarah Noble
by Alice Dalgliesh

The Secret Soldier
by Ann McGovern

The Matchlock Gun
Walter D. Edmonds

Guns for General Washington
by Seymour Reit

George Washington's Socks
by Elvira Woodruff


We have also enclosed a map of the United States and a New York State activity sheet. We will review and complete these maps together in September, but maybe you could try and see how much you remember on your own. Please read these forms carefully and just follow the directions. Finally, we have included a cursive handwriting worksheet and the multiplication tables for you to review and practice.

We hope you will have fun reviewing and reading this summer!

~The Fifth Grade Teachers 



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