Helping Your Child

with Reading at Home


Find a quiet, comfortable place to read.

  • Have your child see you as a reading model
  • Reread favorite books together
  • Discuss the stories together
Helping with errors

Understanding the story is the main goal of reading. To help your child be an independent reader who can check and correct themselves, the following hints are most helpful (rather than asking your child to "sound it out."

  • Wait 5 to 10 seconds and see what your child attempts independently.
  • Then ask: "What makes sense? Use the picture to help you."
  • Say: "Go back to the beginning and try it again."
  • Encourage your child to skip the word and read on.
  • Have them look at how the word begins. Say: "Start it out and keep reading."
  • Tell your child the word.


Congratulate your child on what he or she is doing well. Focus positive attention on their attempts. Remain loving and supportive. Let your child know how proud you are of them.


Early reading places many demands on a child. The familiar books from school should be comfortable reading for your child. Children progress more quickly in reading when they are reading stories that are not difficult.


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