The Reading Recovery Lesson


Familiar Reading  

Our lesson begins with the rereading of two familiar books. This reading provides the
practice needed for each child to read with fluency and phrasing -- "Just like talking."



The Running Record

The child reads their new book from yesterday, while the teacher takes a running record.
This record demonstrates skills and strategies the child is using. The running record
provides information for planning instruction.


Making and Breaking

The making and breaking sement comes next. Here we work with letters,
sounds and the alphabetic principles of making and breaking words.

Writing a Story

Our conversations about what's new, what's interesting, etc. lead us into writing. After talking, the child chooses a story to write. We use the upper section of our notebook to work out new words and to practice and learn high frequency words. The bottom section is where the child writes their story. The teacher writes the same story on a sentence stip and cuts it into segments as the child reads those pieces. The child recreates their story and rereads to check it.

The New Book

Each day the teacher chooses a new story that matches the interest and needs of the child.
The teacher introduces the story and new vocabulary. The teacher and child talk about
the pictures. The child then reads the book with support from the teacher.




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