What is the
Shared Decision Making Committee?
On-going Goals for the
2013-2014 School Year

The Shared Decision Making Commitee is comprised of parents, teachers and administrators who meet each month to discuss topics and goals intended to improve the quality of life at school.

It is a forum for communication of ideas from different perspectives.

Goals emerge from common concerns expressed by committee members and the school community.

School events, presentations and policies which have been initiated, planned or upated by the Shared Decision Making Committee include, but are not limited to:
Healthy Celebration Suggestions
Health and Wellness
Homework Guidelines
Curriculum/Curricular Activities
Home-School Communication
Meetings and Minutes
Members of the Shared Decision Making Committee

All meetings take place at 8:00 am in the
East Multi-Purpose Room
(unless otherwise specified)

Proposed Dates for 2013-2014

Minutes from June 2013

September 11, 2013
October 16, 2013
October 23-New Hyde Park Inn-5:30
Minutes from November 20
Minutes From December 18
Minutes from February 26
Minutes from March 19
Minutes from April 9
Minutes from May 21

Teacher Co-Chairperson:
Mrs. Erin Grieco
Parent Co-Chairperson:
Mrs. Pamela Brodlieb
Principal-Mr. Ronald Gimondo
Assistant Principal-Mrs. Peg Minicozzi-Katz

Teacher Members:

Kindergarten-Judy Friedman
1st Grade-Jessica Citrin
2nd Grade-Amy Vogel
3rd Grade-Danielle McGrade
4th Grade-Erin Grieco
5th Grade-Mona Haber
PTA Liaison-Erin Grieco
Special Area-Dan DiSalvo, Laura Goldstein and Andrea Gerstenblatt
Special Educ-Debbie Brown, Dan Regini, and Lauren Rook
BRC Rep- Linda Gitman
BCG Rep- Laura Paul

Parent Members:

Kindergarten: Jasmine Rokhsar
First Grade: Dina Khani
Second Grade: Rachel Geula
Third Grade: Sharleen Moradof
Fourth Grade: Eileen Fleshel
Fifth Grade: Pamela Brodlieb
Special Educ-Elizabeth McCarthy
PTA Rep: Saberah Namigohar
SEPTA: Helene Trontz

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