Meet the
Paraprofessionals and Teaching Assistants

Paraprofessionals work closely with teachers, administrators,
and other team members in providing assistance and support for the educational benefit for children.

Paraprofessionals: Mrs. Sharon Abecassis, Ms. Michele Biletsky, Ms. Josephine Caccamo, Ms.Adela Colon-Cisneros, Mrs. Deborah Dombroski, Mrs. Victoria Gandolfi, Mrs. Candace Kovach, Mrs. Una Lang, Mrs. Veronica La Scala, Ms. Maria Lindo, Ms. Kimberly Lugo, Ms. Stella Marpet, Mrs. Lily Maris, Mrs. Noreen O’Neill and Mrs. Anna Reda

Classroom Paraprofessionals: Mrs. Regina Savarese, Mrs. Lisa Lundenberg, Mrs. Nellie Galanis and Ms. Susan Taghavi

Teacher Assistants: Mr. John Biegen, Mr. Matthew Brown, Mrs. Theresa Chu, Mr. Joshua Drescher, Mrs. Leora Ciciliato, Mrs. Lisa Keen, Ms. Julia Kriegel, Ms. Anna Herrera, Mrs. Stella Lawrence, Ms. Jodi Mullinax, Mrs. Sepi Neissani, Ms. Beatriz Plaza, Mrs. Karen Stracquandanio, Ms. Peggy Tully, and Ms. Sangeeta Verma


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