Coach Lauren Heck

Hi Everyone! I have been a Physical Education teacher for 10+ years now and throughout the years I’ve coached both basketball and volleyball. I love music (country is my favorite) and dancing. I also love being outdoors.
Some activities I enjoy doing are:
Beach Volleyball
White Water Rafting
Mountain Biking

In the Gym

I look forward to a fun and active school year with all of my students at JFK. We will be covering a wide variety of skills and activities this year. Some skills will be taught and then revisited again during the school year.
The skills we will be teaching this year include:
Throwing and Catching
Transfer of Weight and Balance/Yoga
Striking with Rackets and Paddles
Striking with Long Handled Implements
Jump Rope
Kicking and Punting
Adventure Education

Our curriculum will also touch upon fitness related concepts such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. This is all in an effort to encourage the importance of lifetime fitness. We look forward to a fun, exciting and rewarding year for all our students.



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