Dr. Marisa Lastres


I was born and raised in Astoria, Queens. I lived there with my parents and my brother. We also grew up with my aunt and uncle and their three children. I grew up in a house that was never empty! I went to high school in Manhattan and that is where I first began to LOVE Manhattan. I went to college in New York City too!


My family and I live in Flushing and we have a great dog named Lola. My daughter Nicole lives in Washington D.C, and we visit her often. My older daughter Crisitna lives in Astoria and we visit her when we visit my mom.
My husband and I love to travel and we try tog o away two times a year. I love to take photos of the places I visit and especially the people and doors! One day we hope to travel a lot more.


When I am not working I love to garden and to read. I also love to learn new ways to better help my students. I love to sing, although I do not sing well! When the weather is crisp and cool I enjoy taking Lola for long walks.

The best part of being at JFK, besides the children and their families, are the teachers. The teachers here work very hard and we also have a lot of fun…we laugh a lot too!



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