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  • give your assignment a descriptive name (1)
  • select the correct grading group for this assignment (2)
  • give your assignment an abbreviation (3)
  • date (4) NOTE: Your assignments will be sorted from left to right by date
  • total points for the assignment (5) NOTE: usually teachers that wieght grading groups always leave this at 100. Teachers that wieght by assignment total points change point value often.
  • another way to sort your assginment (6) NOTE: I have found this to be a useless feature - just leave it
  • alter impact of assignment on students' average (7) If at any time you what an assignment to have more or less impact on students' average, you can change this number
  • If you deselect the Active check box (8), the assignment will have no impact on students' final average, but the assignment remains visible in your gradebook
  • click OK to add assignment to your gradebook (9)
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