Great Neck North Middle School Athletics

Physical Education Department

Athletic Director: Mitch Braun


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Dear Parents,

Interscholastic athletics allow students to enhance their middle school experiences with additional athletic opportunities at the end of the school day.

The interscholastic program is available to all students in the seventh and eighth grades. Sport activities offered are determined by the existence of leagues and student interest. At this level, the focus is on learning sportsmanship, athletic skills, game rules and fundamentals of team play.

At the modified level we attmpt to involve as many students as possible. Interscholastic activities are offered provided we have qualified coaches, suitable indoor/outdoor facilities and a safe environment.

We look forward to working with your child.
Mitch Braun

Athletic Director

HEALTH/PARENTAL PERMISSION FORMS - All students who plan on participating on any interscholastic team must complete two forms:

MEDICAL CLEARANCE FORM PAGE 1, PAGE 2 - Prior to seeing the school doctor, students must have the MEDICAL CLEARANCE form signed by the parent/guardian. The signed form should then be submitted to the school nurse. The school nurse will make these forms available when the school physician examines the student. Students are encouraged to see the school doctor, who will be available to examinethem at various times throughout the school year. In the event that a physical examination is not taken at school, a completed MEDICAL CLEARANCE PAGE 1, PAGE 2 form signed by a private physician must be submitted to the school nurse.

PARENTAL PERMISSION FORM - This form is to be signed by the parent/guardian and gives permission for the student to participate in a particular sport. Students must submit a completed PARENTAL PERMISSION form for each sport season to the girls' or boys' athletic director.


The interscholastic program is conducted for the benefit of all students. Attempts are made to accomodate as many players as practical. At times, however, the roster must be limited in order to assure individualized instruction as well as adequate supervision of participating students.


Participation in the interscholastic program at the North Middle School is a privilege and an honor. Students must understand that the athletic program is just one part of the total educational experience provided for all students at the North Middle School. With this in mind, all students must follow the rules for appropriate behavior that are listed below:

* Avoid using profanity, abusive language, and inappropriate gestures in dealing with opponents, officials, and spectators.
* Accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity.
* Display courtesy and respect for all coaches, opponents, teammates, officials, supervisors, spectators, and administrators.
* Always remember that the student athlete represents the Great Neck School District and should, therefore, always demonstrate good sportsmanship.
* Lock all valuables in a locker that is assigned at the beginning of the school year.
* Be signed into school by 12:00 noon in order to participate in a team practice or game.
* Participate in their physical education class in order to be eligible for that day's game/practice.
* Stay until the end of the entire contest.
* Turn in entire uniform at the conclusion of the final contest.


All players are expected to attend practice on days that school is in session. On occasion, some practices/games maybe conducted during the weekend. Each student must participate in a practice session in order to receive credit toward the minimum number of practices required to play in the first contest. No athlete will be permitted to play in a contest until the required number of practices has been reached. All athletes will be dismissed from practice sessions in time to make the late bus. However, when there are scheduled games, transportation from North Middle School to the home is the responsibility of theparent/guardian, as most games end after the last late bus departs. Athletes will be excused from practice for religious reasons or for extra help sessions with classroom teachers. A note indicating the reason for lateness/absence should be submitted to the coach on the day of the practice.


* The district's bus company provides transportation to and from all away contests.
* Students must travel with the team to all away contests.
* A note is to be submitted to the coach if a student is to return home with a parent/guardian. The note must be submitted before the teams' departure form North Middle School.In addition, if a student is to go home with a person other than a parent/guardian, a note is to be submitted to a school administrator for prior approval. Once approved, the student must present the note to the coach.
* Information regarding buses returning late from away contests may be obtained by calling the security office at 773-1741.
* Parents/guardians should pick up students at the North Middle School bus platform, where there is adequate lighting and a security guard on duty.


The athletic department recognizes that students should have a broad range of learning experiences. However, a student who attempts to participate in too many activities will, undoubtedly, be in a position of conflicting responsibilities. Therefore, if it becomes apparent that conflicts will continue on a regular basis and a student cannot fulfill his/her obligation, then that student should withdraw from one of the activities.


* If an athlete sustains an injury that requires a physician's examination and treatment, the athlete must obtain written permission from both the physician and parent/guardian before resuming athletic competition.
* Athletes are urged to report any injury to their coach as soon as it occurs.
* All doctor's notes must be given to the nurse who will then forward copies to the athletic director and coach.
* If an athlete is absent from school for more than five consecutive days due to illness, written permission from the physician and parent/guardian must be obtained before the athlete can resume athletic competition.