North Middle School

Great Neck Public Schools

Things to Know.....


You'll receive locks for your lockers in homeroom on the first day.  Please remember to keep your combination private so your stuff stays private!


Don't worry about running to class on the first few days.... no one will mark you late as you are adjusting to your new schedule.  Just do your best to get there on time.


Lunch periods will be as follows:  Grade 6 is during period 4, Grade 8 is period 5, and Grade 7 is period 6.

Academic Integrity

Every student will need to sign an Academic Integrity Contract with their parents and return it to school.  We value education and want to make sure you do too!

Extra Help

It's a proven fact that kids that attend extra help do BETTER in class and on tests than the kids that don't attend.  So, make it a point to go to extra help each week! Don't miss out!

School Colors

NMS school colors are blue and orange.

When decorating lockers, please do NOT decorate the outside at all and do NOT decorate the inside with candy!

Additional Information


Check out the latest and greatest books and more from our very own NMS Library Webpage

Homework Center

Come to the library for a place to do homework.  It will open soon and is everyday after school except Fridays and before a vacation break.