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2017-18 Inservice Institute Committee Meeting Dates

September 26, 2017
1/2 Day Meeting for Fall Course Proposals

November 21, 2017

January 16, 2018
1/2 Day Meeting for Spring Course Proposals

March 20, 2018

May 16, 2018
1/2 Day Meeting for Summer Course Proposals

All meetings will be held at the Phipps Administration Building in the Office of Instruction.
Half-day meetings will commence promptly at 1:30 p.m.; all other meetings will begin at 3:45 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Dates are subject to change.

The Inservice Institute is a committee comprised of 13 members, representing different categories of employees. Six teachers, three administrators, two Superintendent's Designees, one substitute teacher, one office-staff employee. and one secretary, meet monthly to discuss issues concerning inservice education. It is the goal of this committee to provide excellent inservice opportunities for the staff, as well as to recommend to Personnel the approval of inservice education completed elsewhere.

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Call for Course Proposals:

The Inservice Institute meets to review courses to be offered during the school year. If you are interested in offering a course, or have an idea for one, contact the Institute or propose a course in MyLearningPlan. Courses can be offered a creative schedule after school, on Saturdays, or over the summer.

Courses DO NOT require approval of the Inservice Institute if offered by:

  • The Inservice Institute, Technology Academy, or Great Neck Teacher Center.
  • College and University graduate courses. (Transcripts must be submitted directly to the Human Resources Dept.)

The following opportunities REQUIRE approval by the Inservice Institute. It is strongly recommended that approval be obtained prior to registering for these activities:

  • Curriculum Research Projects developed in consultation with the Inservice Institute and approved by the appropriate Assistant Superintendent.
  • Publication of scholarly books related to education. The book must be submitted after publication.
  • Travel (3 consecutive weeks/21 days) that is deemed to have educational value or benefit to the faculty member.
  • Courses offered by institutions and agencies not on the above list.
  • College and University undergraduate courses.
  • Courses offered by the Great Neck Adult Program.

To ensure that proper inservice credit is granted, please submit the appropriate form and supporting documentation immediately upon course completion.

Faculty members are reminded that:

  • Not more than 12 Inservice credits may be earned during each school year no more than 34 may be earned in total over a career.
  • Credit will be granted only once for each Inservice course bearing the same title and/or content.
  • There are prescribed limits to the number of Inservice credits that can be earned within each salary class for salary advancement purposes. For these limitations, faculty members should consult the current G.N.T.A. Contract.

The Inservice semesters are as follows:

1st Day of School - January 31st
February 1st - Close of School
1st Day of Summer Vacation - Day Teachers Report To School

All GNPS course participants will be expected to be punctual and complete the required number of course hours as stated in the contract on page 55, Article 26 B 1:

Two Credit Class
30 Hours of Class Time
One Credit Class
15 Hours of Class Time
Three-Quarter Credit Class
12 Hours of Class Time
One-Half Credit Class
8 Hours of Class Time
One-Quarter Credit Class
4 Hours of Class Time

If a person does not attend all class sessions, inservice credit will not be granted. However, the hours completed will be maintained in MyLearningPlan under "Your Profile" and, if applicable, may be used towards the required New York State Professional Development hours.

Requests for salary class transfers must be submitted by October 1 or February 1. Except in the event ofadministrative error, salary changes will begin with the current semester.

A member of the Inservice Institute Advisory Committee may not conduct an Inservice Course during the term of his/her service on the Committee.

If a course is oversubscribed, course participants will be placed on a wait list.

Additional information about the Great Neck Inservice program may be obtained by calling Joanne Abbriano at the Phipps Administration Building, x4014.

*Office Staff and Paraprofessionals should consult their associations for guidelines.

   The Committee seeks input from all members of the faculty and staff.
Additional information about the Great Neck Inservice Institute may be obtained
by calling our office at the Phipps Administration Building, Ext. 4014, or

Send e-mail to Joanne Abbriano at the Inservice Institute