Food Allergy Quick Guide


Great Neck Public Schools
345 Lakeville Road
Great Neck, NY 11020




Central Administration Dr. Teresa Prendergast
Superintendent of Schools


Dr. Joseph Hickey
Assistant Superintendent for
Special Ed and Pupil Services
Pupil Services Website

Wellness Committee David Zawatson, Director of Athletics, Recreation, and Physical Education, and Wellness Committee Chairperson
District Physician Dr. Jack Levine, District Physician
District Nurse Coordinator Susan Becker, Registered Nurse
Transportation James Popkin, Supervisor
Food Services Patricia Daley-Jimenez, Director
Food Services Website
UPTC Health Ed Committee
Olga Kagan, Chairperson
EMBaker Sharon Fougner, Principal
Christina Kalamotousakis,
Registered Nurse
JFKennedy Ron Gimondo, Principal
  Susan Becker, Registered Nurse
Lakeville Phyllis Feldman, Principal
  Lenore Primiano, Registered Nurse
Parkville Debra Shalom, Principal
  Elizabeth Gebert, Registered Nurse
SaddleRock Eric Nezowitz, Principal
  Katerine Knigin, Registered Nurse
North Middle Gerald Cozine, Principal
  Lisa Levine-Bernstein, Registered Nurse
South Middle Dr. James Welsch, Principal
  Lynn Stepanek, Registered Nurse
North High Bernard Kaplan, Principal
  Carmen Puccio, Registered Nurse
South High Susan Elliott, Principal
  Susan Cutrone, Registered Nurse
  Carla Russo, Registered Nurse
Village School Stephen Goldberg, Principal
  Carmen Puccio, Registered Nurse

UPTC Health Ed Committee

We welcome new members! To join, please email

Joanne Chan & Sarah Moss, UPTC Co-Presidents
Olga Kagan, UPTC Health Ed Committee Chairperson