2015-16 Board of Education Goals

Each year the Board of Education sets several goals it would like to achieve by the end of the school year. After much deliberation, the following goals were developed by the Great Neck Board of Education for the 2015-16 school year:

Goal #1

Work with Superintendent Prendergast, to help facilitate her success and support a smooth transition as our district's new educational leader. Provide, as needed, a thorough introduction to all of this community's varied organizations. In addition, ensure that all new administrators are given the guidance and mentoring to ensure their success.

Goal #2

Continue the addition of new and innovating educational curriculum and programs which support all learners at varied levels. To support our administrators and teachers as they continue to integrate current technologies into the teaching and learning process as it enhances classroom instruction and supports student learning. In addition, review all newer programs which have been put in place.

Goal #3

Continue conducting the district's facility review with the goal of establishing a plan for renovation, where needed, in all district-owned buildings. Work with all segments of our school and community organizations to determine building needs and explain how they impact current and future educational programs for our students, pre-kindergarten thru adult education. As a component of any construction planning, provide the means for involvement of all interested parties in planning discussions and provide ample opportunities for discussion, explanations, review, acceptance, and publicity.

Goal #4

Continue district review of the implications of the current state budget caps on this and future years' budgets and the effect of these state limitations on programmatic offerings essential to meet the needs of our students.

Goal #5

Continue negotiations with all district bargaining units to achieve mutual agreements.

Goal #6

Continue to seek additional opportunities to enhance direct communication between all segments of our schools as well as the Great Neck community.

Goal #7

Conduct a public review and discussion of the community survey which was issued during the 2014/15 school year.
At the May 9 Board of Education meeting which took place at South Middle School, Robert Manley, Ph.D, and Sofia Morote, Ed.D., gave a presentation summarizing the findings of the Board of Education Community Survey that was a Board Goal from last school year.
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