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School District Budget Events

On Tuesday, May 19, from 7 a.m.-10 p.m., qualified residents of the Great Neck Public School District may vote on the Proposed 2015-2016 School Budget. Voting will take place at the E.M. Baker School, 69 Baker Hill Rd., in the multi-purpose room (for voters who reside north of the LIRR), and at the William A. Shine-South High School, 341 Lakeville Rd., in the west gym (for voters residing south of the LIRR). Additional budget information follows.

Preliminary Budget - Copies of the 2015-16 Preliminary Budget for the Great Neck Public Schools will be available as of Friday, Feb. 27, at the Office of the District Clerk, Phipps Administration Building, 345 Lakeville Rd., school days, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. It will also be on the district Web site ( and available at Budget Meetings (listed below). Reference copies may be perused in each public school and in the Great Neck Library, all open branches.

Budget Meetings & Adoption - Budget Meetings are scheduled during March, April, and May. Weekday meetings follow student recognitions, which begin at 7:30 p.m. Meeting dates, times, and school locations follow: Monday, March 16, 7:30 p.m., North High, 35 Polo Rd. (informal budget hearing). Saturday, March 21, 9:30 a.m., South High, 341 Lakeville Rd. (budget discussion with administrative staff). Monday, March 30, 7:30 p.m., South High, 341 Lakeville Rd. (informal budget hearing). Tuesday, April 21, 7:30 p.m., North Middle, 77 Polo Rd. (official budget hearing and adoption of Proposed 2015–16 Budget). Monday, May 11, 7:30 p.m., South Middle, 349 Lakeville Rd. (budget discussion only). Residents are encouraged to attend the Budget Meetings and to respond to the Preliminary Budget. Firm decisions on the Budget will not be made until the Board listens to the community's concerns.

Voter Registration - Residents who have voted in any school or general election since 2011 are automatically registered to vote in the school election on May 19. Residents who have not voted since 2011, or are not registered, may register at the Office of the District Clerk, Phipps Administration Building, 345 Lakeville Rd., on school days, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Residents must be 18 years of age or older, a citizen of the United States, and have lived in the district for at least 30 days. Registration deadline is Thursday, May 14.

Absentee Ballot Applications - Qualified, registered voters can obtain applications for absentee ballots from the district Web site ( on Budget, then choose Absentee Ballot) or from the Office of the District Clerk, Phipps Administration Building, 345 Lakeville Rd., school days, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Residents who are qualified voters and whose registration records have been marked "permanently disabled" by the Board of Elections will automatically receive absentee ballots. Completed absentee ballots must be received by the District Clerk no later than 5 p.m., on Tuesday, May 19.

For Further Information - For additional information about the 2015-16 school budget, voter registration, and/or absentee ballots, please call the assistant superintendent for business, at (516) 441-4020, on school days.


NYIT Art Winners

Four South High School seniors took top honors at the New York Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Design Competition titled, "Long Island's Finest." They are: Sarah Haggerty, Samantha Klainberg, Jimin Lee, and Kimberly Yee. Kimberly received First Place, Jimin took Second Place, Samantha took Third Place, and Sarah received an Honorable Mention. Their art teachers are Karen Cuchel, art department head, and Lisa Stancati. Students were challenged to create two-dimensional art that offered their interpretation of "The Inside." They were free to express their ideas of what "The Inside" meant to them. They could use any medium, as long as they adhered to the size restriction of a piece that was not larger than 11 inches by 17 inches. Submissions were judged by a jury of faculty, staff, and professional practitioners.

NYIT art winners, with their artwork, from left: Kimberly Yee, Jimin Lee, and Samantha Klainberg.
Their art teachers: Lisa Stancati and Karen Cuchel. Missing from photo: Sarah Haggerty.


GNPS/TV Programs

Current program viewing over Great Neck Public Schools Television (GNPS/TV) includes: District Spotlight, The Pioneers, and South High Winter Concert II. Program details and view times follow.

District Spotlight - Spotlight programs feature school news, sports, and events from our district in a lively, magazine-format. This edition of Spotlight includes stories on South Middle School's "Dancing Classrooms" (a ballroom dancing curriculum that integrates physical education, music, and character education), highlights from North Middle's One Acts showcase, highlights from North High Junior Players' production of Rent and from North High's Winter Concert, US Armed Forces Veterans visiting with South Middle students, and more! Spotlight show times are: 10 a.m., and 2, 6, and 10 p.m.

The Pioneers - During the school year, South Middle's TV/film department along with students and staff produce and star in an original film that is shown on the school's closed-circuit TV news program in all homeroom classes (HTV). This year's film is The Pioneers, made in collaboration with the school's mathematics department. It is a comedy about four math teachers and their students who share a love of filmmaking, much to the chagrin of the math department head. He would rather they promote the upcoming Pi Day. Watch a short piece on the making of The Pioneers following the film. The Pioneers show times are: 11 a.m., and 3 and 7 p.m.

South High Winter Concert II - Watch the South High Winter Concert II, featuring Chamber Choir, Mixed Choir, Symphonic Band, and Symphony Orchestra. The Concert was under the direction of Michael Schwartz, performing arts department head/instrumental teacher, and Dr. Pamela Levy, vocal music teacher. South High Winter Concert II view times are: 12, 4, and 8 p.m.

GNPS/TV Programming - GNPS/TV programming reflects the offerings of the Great Neck Public Schools and the achievements of its students and staff. For information about GNPS/TV and its programs, please contact Robert Zahn, district educational cable TV producer/director, by phone at (516) 441-4676, or by e-mail at


Fine Arts & Crafts with Community Ed


Great Neck Public Schools Community Education offers an extensive array of unique classes in fine arts and fine crafts, including painting, drawing, pastels, palette knife, watercolor, printmaking, stone sculpture, handweaving, metal clay, silversmithing, pottery, jewelry making, patchwork, knitting, collage, and photography. Below are several new art classes for the Spring/Summer semester. All classes meet at the Cumberland Center, 30 Cumberland Ave., Great Neck. Register by phoning (516) 441-4949, or go online via the district Web site at Click on the Community Education icon, and view the entire catalog. If you have not yet received your Spring/Summer catalog, please call (516) 441-4949, and we will be happy to send one out to you.

Caricature Portraits - Take your family of characters and make them into caricatures! A caricature is a playful cartoon version of a person showing off their personality, interests, and traits. Some are exaggerated, but we will lean more towards reality to create several portraits ultimately leading to a piece with your favorite people. Classes meet eight Wednesdays, April 22-June 10, 6:30-9 p.m. Fee: $159.

Chinese Bamboo Brush Painting - In this fusion of meditation and art, come explore Asian ink wash painting. Create stunning works of nature and organic calligraphy in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Rich black ink is watered down and painted in single strokes imparting not the appearance of the subject, but capturing both the object and maker's inner spirit. Bamboo-handled ox and goat bristle brushes, sumi ink, and paper are supplied. Class meets eight Tuesdays, April 21-June 9, 6:30-9 p.m. Fee: $159.

Paint or Draw in Under 2 Hours - Learn how to complete a still life, landscape, or portrait in under 2 hours. Draw the basic shapes and then quickly lay down shadow, light, and mid-tones using the medium of your choice. Color mixing lesson included. The first class will include a demo. Some drawing or painting experience required. Classes meet for six Tuesdays, April 21-May 26, 1-3 p.m. Fee: $105.

Paint Your House - Have you ever thought about making a "portrait" of your home? Take photographs of your house, getting different angles and close-ups. Use oils or acrylics to create your painting, or incorporate collage elements to create a modern mixed-media piece. Bring art materials, canvas, and photos to class. Class meets three Mondays, April 20-May 4, 6:30-9:30 p.m., or three Tuesdays, June 9-June 23, 1-4 p.m. Fee: $48.

Sketch Drawing - Heighten and strengthen your skills by learning fundamental drawing techniques. This class is built around the idea that certain basic skills and structures in art will forever evolve and remain an important catalyst in the preparation of classical art. Classes meet for five Thursdays, April 23-May 21, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Fee: $89.


Adult Learning Center Offers ESOL & TASC

If you are an adult and you want to learn English or improve your English-language skills, or if you want to earn a high school equivalency diploma, the Great Neck Public Schools Adult Learning Center at Clover Drive offers a variety of classes--days and evenings--designed to meet your needs. A range of English-language classes are offered, from beginning literacy to advanced ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). In preparation for the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) examination (formerly known as the GED exam), classes are available to improve math, reading, science, social studies, and writing skills. Once enrolled, students may also take elective classes such as Conversational English, Crossroads Café, and Citizenship, to name a few, at no additional charge. Registration for classes must be done in person at the Adult Learning Center, 105 Clover Drive. Please allow two hours to complete the registration process. Register on Wednesday, March 11, or Thursday, March 12, from 9 a.m.-Noon, or from 6-9 p.m., or on Saturday, March 14, from 9 a.m.-Noon. Preference will be given to Great Neck residents and previous Adult Learning Center students. The annual, non-refundable processing fee for Adult Learning Center classes is $35 for those who live or work in Great Neck (proof of residency or employment is required), and $75 for nonresidents. Payment, at time of registration, can be made in cash, or by credit card, check or money order (payable to Great Neck Public Schools). For more information, please refer to the Continuing Education catalog, phone the Adult Learning Center at (516) 441-4950, or visit the Adult Learning Center Web site at