Alcatel-Lucent VOIP Phone System


The Great Neck Public Schools has implemented a Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone System. This page provides information and resources for users of the system.

Please note you must dial *82 before calling us to unblock your Caller ID if it's normally set to private. This is required as a security precaution so we have a record of all incoming calls. If you block your Caller ID and try to call us, your call will not go through and the following message will be played when calling any of our phone numbers:
"We're sorry. The party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls from private numbers. Please hang up, reverse your number privacy, and try again."


Phone System Information

Press Release

Classroom Phone Training Handouts

Alcatel-Lucent ipTouch Model 4008 "Cheat Sheet"

Alcatel-Lucent ipTouch Model 4008 Slideshow

Administration Directory

Office Phone Training Handouts

Alcatel-Lucent ipTouch Model 4038 "Cheat Sheet"

Alcatel-Lucent ipTouch Model 4038 Slideshow

District Directory

Voice Mail Handouts

Alcatel-Lucent Voice Mail Setup for Model 4008

Alcatel-Lucent 4635 Voice Mail Setup for Model 4038

Alcatel-Lucent 4635 Voice Mail "Cheat Sheet"

Emergency Procedures

Directions for School Administrators to Record an Emergency Message

Phone User Guides

Alcatel-Lucent ipTouch Model 4008 Manual

Alcatel-Lucent ipTouch Model 4038 Manual