Technology Curriculum Overview

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Presented at the 1-11/18 Board of Education Meeting

The mission of our Instructional Technology program is to create an educational environment that is strengthened and supported by information and communications technology. Technology is integrated into the instructional process by providing students and teachers with a wide range of electronic tools and online resources that enhance learning, increase productivity, promote creativity, and facilitate research, analysis, and communication. Secure, state-of-the-art wired and wireless networks facilitate communication, collaboration, and access to shared resources and Web sites for all students and staff. Computer labs and laptops are available in every school for computer-based instruction. All classrooms are equipped with technology-based systems used for multimedia presentations, software demonstrations, and Internet-based lessons. Upper elementary and secondary students and teachers are immersed in our 1:1 iPad initiative, which provides them with a WiFi-enabled tablet computer with preinstalled apps to use both in school and at home. Students learn about Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship throughout the grades and use these devices individually and collaboratively in responsible ways to advance their education. At the secondary level, we offer required and elective technology-based courses and integrate instructional technology tools throughout the curriculum. Secondary students may receive in-depth instruction and practical experiences by taking required or elective technology-based courses or joining clubs focused on coding, Web design, multimedia, digital photography, digital video editing, desktop publishing, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, investments, CAD (Computer-Aided Design), electronics, robotics, and PC repair. All schools are staffed with technology specialists who train teachers in the use of technology and applications to ensure that the staff stay abreast of the latest innovations and utilize best practices for technology integration. School-based technology committees meet regularly to discuss technology issues, prioritize hardware needs, and identify professional development goals.

Elementary Computer
Curriculum Framework

Secondary Computer
Curriculum Framework