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Videoconferencing is a way to conduct a live event between two locations in real time. In Great Neck we use IP-based videoconferencing, which means that we transmit the audio and video for the videoconference over the Internet. This allows us to conduct a videoconference from any location in a school by simply plugging the videoconferencing equipment into a network port without incurring any usage charges (although some videoconferences do require a fee). Please see your library media specialist for more information about videoconferencing. You can also contact Andrea Gerstenblatt at Kennedy, Judy Mcclellan at South High, or Marc Epstein at Phipps, and/or use the resources provided below.

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Polycom Viewstation H.323
User's Guide
ASK: Author Videoconferences
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Polycom Viewstation Setup Directions
Collaborations Around the Planet
Center for Interactive Learning
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Sample Parent Permission Letter
Global Leap - Videoconferencing in the Classroom
NASA Digital Learning Network
A Teacher's Guide to Distance Learning
Linking Kids Around the Globe
Polycom Programs and Resources
6 Ways Videoconferencing is
Expanding the Classroom
Nassau BOCES Videoconferencing
Collaboration Projects
TWICE: Videoconference Program Database
Effective Use for 2-Way
Interactive Videoconferencing
Nassau BOCES Videoconferencing
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Nassau BOCES
Videoconferencing Checklist
Read Around The Planet
Nassau BOCES
Videoconferencing FAQs
TWICE - Two Way Interactive
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