Parkville School





October 16 A Day in the Life of Your Child

October 23           PreK Photo Day

October 24           K Photo Day

October 31            Parkville Pumpkin Patch

January 15             Parkville Photo Retake Day

January 24            Parkville Lunar New Year Celebration

March 13               Parkville Staff Luncheon

April 7                 Parkville  Parents As Reading Partners Week

April 8-11          Parkville Bookfair

April 8           Pre K Pajama Story Night 7pm

April 10       K Pajama Story Night 7pm

May 8              Parkville Plant Sale

May 16                PreK Fitness Fun Day (raindate June 6)

May 19                 Parkville Spring Walk Through-7pm

June 19              PARK Picnic 6p.m. (raindate June 25)

June 20        K Field Day(raindate June 18)