“Levitt Home Design Project”


Guidelines for Criteria:

Students will be graded on a 1-5 point scale.  5 being “completely”, 1 “being not at all”.


On the structural elements of the content of the design created:

            A: Did the student complete all the rooms assigned?

            B: Are their closets in the bedrooms, kitchen work triangle, and furnace?

            C: Did the student design the home with proper room considerations?


On the technique of the operations:

            A: Did the student create the design in a reasonable amount of time?

            B: Is the design clean and neat both digital and printed versions?

            C: Does it look like a finished design (name on design with title of project)?


Students Attitude:

            A: Was the student focused throughout the course of the project?

            B: Was he/she cooperative with others and help when needed or asked?

C: Did the student follow direction and ask questions when needed?

D: Did the student bring his/her personal vision to the finished product?