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Welcome to the Great Neck South Science Research Webpage:

Research Methods - Year 1 (Truglio):
[Click Here] to download Research Methods introduction PowerPoint
[Click Here] to download the Research Methods course expectation sheet

Honors Science Research - Year 2/3 (Truglio):
Course Expectation Sheet
Every class should have one of these!! It's exactly what you would expect...

[Click Here] to download the lab notebook grading rubric
Research Methods for Dummies

Honors Science Research 2013-14
1. Quarter 4 Assignment Information and Deadlines

Manuscript Links
1. EMBO Journal
2. EMBO Journal Author Guide
3. EMBO manuscript submitted in 2007

New Poster Links
1. Electronic Poster Templates
2. Poster Design Tips

Journal Club Links
1. "How to Make a Journal Club Presentation"
1. Journal Club Presentation PowerPoint from CSHL

Permission Slips and Media Forms
LISC 2014 - due March 10th
LISEF R2 2014 - due March 10th
WAC 2014 permission slip - due April 1st
WAC 2014 photo consent form - due March 24th
Nassau Country Science Fair Photo Consent Form - due April 25th

Introduction Presentations Beginning Nov. 12th:
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Used for turning in standard assignments, requesting papers, etc... [Click Here]
Used for turning in selected written assignments.


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