Photo1 GNS Research Program

Before you begin your road to getting into a lab,
read the story of the 2012 INTEL-ISEF winner (it helps):

Summer Research Programs:

I simply searched for summer research programs for high school students... [Click Here]


2. - Connecting Young Thinkers Around the World

-This website has a large listing of programs and internships for high school students. It is a must see if you are interested in doing science over the summer.

3. Science Program Handout:
[Click Here] to download a listing of possible Summer Programs

Independent Research:

Indpendent research involves contacting Professors/Post Docs/Graduate Students at Universities (ex. Stony Brook University) or private labs (ex. Cold Spring Harbor) for a chance to participate in their research:

[Click Here] to download a sample email

[Click Here] to download a sample resume

This process will take hard work and dedication. To best your odds you will want to:

1. Start as early as possible - September/October
2. Show sincerity and enthusiasm in your email
3. Look at past Siemans/INTEL semifinalists and find out the labs they worked in. Obviously, these labs have taken high school students in the past. For example, I found this list of scientists at Stony Brook University by googling "long island siemans semifinalists".
4. not give up after ten emails...
5. get used to hearing no or being ignored

Remember, you only need one yes...

Here is a listing of local Universities/Private Labs:

1. Stony Brook University


2. Brookhaven National Lab

3. Cold Spring Harbor


4. Rockefeller university

Rockefeller has an application process, see above.


5. Columbia University


6. The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Feinstein has an application process, see above.

-This is the official Feinstein Institute Summer Internship Program.


7. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


8. New York University (NYU)


9. Hofstra University

Hofstra's Summer Research Intern Program


10. Northport VA medical center


11. SUNY at Farmingdale


12. SUNY at Old Westbury


American Museum of Natural History




Great Neck South Science Department • 341 Lakeville Road, • Great Neck NY 11741 • 516-773-1635