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When ordering please put the company name, catalog number, description of item, price and page in the catalog where it can be found.

If possible, order from Caroline, Wards or Flinn as our schools has accounts set up with them:

Carolina Biological Supply
Offers science supplies and materials for use in the science classroom. Living & preserved specimens, Wisconsin Fast Plants, chemistry, ...

Wards Natural Science
WARD'S Natural Science is your source for science since 1862. From middle school, high school and college curriculum and supplies to lab equipment and ...

Flinn Scientific
Offers educational science supplies.

Produces and sells a broad range of biochemicals, organic and inorganic chemicals and related products. Parent company of Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka and Supelco.

Other sites if the above vendors do not have what you are looking for:

Fisher Scientific
Scientific research, laboratory testing and life science research - the latest equipment and instrumentation, finest chemicals and highest-quality supplies.

VWR International
Distributes life sciences products. Order catalogs and browse product lines from manufacturers and service providers.



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