Books that won't live in infamy.


Flags of Our Fathers - James Bradley

Fly Boys - James Bradley

The Greatest Generation - Tom Brokaw

The Greatest Generation Speaks - Tom Brokaw

The War - Ken Burns

With The Old Breed - Eugene Sledge

Unbroken - Laura Hillenbrand

In the Garden of Beasts - Eric Larson

The Rape of Nanking - Iris Chang

The Good War - Studs Terkel

Now You Know: Reactions After Seeing Saving Private Ryan - ed. Jesse Kornbluth & Linda Sunshine

Catch-22 - Joseph Heller

Once There Was a War - John Steinbeck

Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut

In Hitler's Germany - Bernt Engelmann

Vanished: The Sixty-Year Search for the Missing Men of World War II - Wil S. Hylton

Code Talker: The first and only memoir by one of the original Navajo code talkers of WWII - Chester Nez with Judith Schiess Avila