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Math Lab Teacher at Saddle Rock: Ms. Nancy Ekstam

The Math Lab teacher is available to children in grades 3-5 who need support and/or supplemental assistance in math.  Math Lab is a program designed to support children’s needs in mathematics.  The criteria for selection include test scores and teacher recommendation based on student performance.  As a participant in this program, students will receive individual and/or small group instruction to improve crucial math skills. Some children receive service in the math lab, while others work with the math lab teacher in their classrooms.  Math Lab instruction is in addition to regularly scheduled math lessons in the classroom.

Meet Ms. Ekstam

Grades Taught
Sixth Grade Middle School (all subjects)
Little Known Facts About Me

I have a (fraternal) twin sister.

I studied abroad in South Africa

I lived in Mexico for six weeks when I was 5 and 8 years old.

Traveling, playing volleyball, and going to the gym

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