Summer Reading Assignments


Department Information:

All courses in the English Department include an integrated approach to the study of literature, composition, and language skills to ensure that each student attains both an understanding and an appreciation of the English Language.

English Courses will give students intensive instruction in the skills of listening, reading, literature study, writing, speaking, and appropriate and effective use of language.  Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 will study one Shakespeare play as part of the literature component of each grade's curriculum.  Starting with grade nine, students will study research and writing culminating in the completion of a senior research paper in grade 12.


Department Phone Number - 516-441-4844

Extra Help Day - Thursday
Testing Day - Friday


Course Descriptions


Course Expectation Sheets

English 9H English 9R English 10H
English 10R English 11R English 11AP
English 12AP Rhetoric of the Moving Image Creative Writing
English 9-10 English Regents Journalism
Reading & Research Shakespeare Themes in Literature
Modern Drama


Co-curricular Activities

  • The Southerner
  • Exit 33