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March 20

The joy of yesterday's performance is tempered by the fact that we've had to postpone tonight's production.  In a perfect world (to use a Conley-ism), we would all be here in a few hours preparing to run; instead, the audience will have to wait for us until tomorrow.  They will at least be wowed by the Blue Cast one more time on Sunday.  Please get the word out as best you can -- we want as full a house on Sunday afternoon as we would have had on Friday night. (Also, please note that we have shifted the cast party to Sunday afternoon following the final performance.) Finally, everyone should do their best to be here at 11:30 tomorrow morning as opposed to noon; we still have procedures, etc. to straighten out.

March 18

WOW -- great teasers yesterday! Thanks to the Lakeville 5th graders for helping make the period 7 show so memorable. To next year's 8th and 7th graders -- the challenge has been delivered ... Will we be able to recruit enough new students (as the eighth graders did so well this year) to keep our ensemble vibrant and "fully stocked"?

In addition, please note that we will have a cast party immediately following our evening performance on Saturday. Information will be made available to the cast as the shows run.


March 4

As of this moment (1:45 on Wednesday afternoon), the schedule that is posted at our acting schedule tab is correct.  However, if we are unable to have rehearsal on Thursday, our schedule will be as follows:

Friday, 3/6 -- Orange, then Blue; Blue should plan to stay until at least 6 p.m.

Tuesday, 3/10 -- Blue, then Orange; Orange should plan to stay until at least 6 p.m.

The ensemble should plan to stay on Tuesday, 3/10 until 4 p.m. and on Thursday, 3/12 until 4.

March 3 additional

All after-school activities were just canceled! Updated acting schedule posted on the schedule page.

March 3, 2015

The show is two weeks from Thursday! Dance schedule for the upcoming days is up at the dance tab.

February 25

It's the end of February! Dance schedule for the weekend is posted ...

February 11

Dance schedule posted at the dance tab and we also have a schedule hange for 2/24 to make up some dance that was missed due to snow ...

February 5

The costume memo has been posted at the Google Classroom that's been established. You can access it using the following access code: qlkn9v.

February 2, 2015

No dance rehearsal today -- all after-school activities are canceled.  We've scheduled a make-up for Friday afternoon: dancers who need extra help, 3-4 and all dancers 4-6.

Turner Classic movies is showing the 1933 movie version of our show tonight at 10:00.  I'm setting my DVR ...

January 29

Some changes to the schedule posted due to the snow day and/or Carras (yes, I'm writing about myself in the third person) being sick.  Also posting the dance schedule for Saturday and Monday.

January 21

Dance schedules for this weekend and for Monday are now posted.

January 16, 2015

Welcome back! Just enough time to note that the dance schedule for Tuesday has been posted under the dance schedule tab, and there's also been an adjustment to the overall rehearsal schedule on 2/3 and 2/5. 



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