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South Theatre Company Credo

You want to be part of our company because you love theatre.

You delight in sharing your talent with an audience -- no matter how large or small the part.

You want to learn about the performing arts and, in the process, learn more about yourself.

You recognize that you will be able to put these skills to use in whatever goals you pursue.

You want to become part of a cast/crew that functions like a team and, in doing so, become a better individual.

You appreciate that our ensemble breaks down barriers that may exist elsewhere and that it eventually moves beyond being a team to become almost like a family.

You know that there are high expectations for you as a company member and as a student; you are expected to maintain your studies while bringing your best qualities to your part so our audience is left thrilled and wanting more.

You understand that how you behave and choose to contribute to the overall well being of the show affects your standing within the South Theatre Company.

You appreciate that the show is bigger than the sum of its parts and acknowledge that everyone, from the crew that built the stairs to the chorus member standing on them, contributes to its success.

You want to have fun.

Great Neck South Middle School
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