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The Sound of Music, 2014

(results listed in order of votes received)

Favorite Moment (either during or rehearsal or performance): No clear favorite choice, although “All” or “I loved it all” or “Everything” scored well. Others – excitement right before opening, making so many friends, Hell Week, the applause at the end, the last moment of the last show, Dani/Maggie singing “The Sound of Music.”

Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): Fiona’s appearance on Saturday night/the Mother Abbesses’ finales scored high. Others: “Sister Margaretta!” "16/17," and Gretl during “So Long, Farewell.” Also some bloopers – Dani’s mic accident and Kurt stepping on Maria’s wedding dress. Carras’s fave – cast members getting choked up during “Edelweiss.”

Quote(s) most often spoken by ...
Carras: “Don’t miss your cues!” “I’m not going to be on stage the night of ...” “Project!” “JAKE, pay attention,” “Keep the show/scene going!” “You need to learn your lines,” “Slow down,” “Okay – no,” “The red book,” and, of course, “Eugene, are you seriously talking right now?”
Schwartz: “Trapp rats,” “Project,” “Louder,” “Enunciate,” “Protect your voice,” “Be better than your neighbor,” “I’m lucky I don’t see my face when I’m mad,” “Sing to the exit sign.”
Conley: “Stop talking,” “Working with you is like trying to catch confetti,” “Run, Forrest, run” “Oooh – shiny,” “Touch the curtain and I’ll make you wear it like a toga,” “You have the attention span of a flea,” “I have auto-start.”

Rookie of the Year (choice must be someone in 1st year of doing show): Alix, Eugene, Colin and Derek picked up the most here.

Most Improved (choice must be 7th or 8th grader): Sophie, Fiona and Vanessa scored here, along with Gabi, Annie, Ashley and Dani

Favorite Song to Sing: Do a Deer
to Listen to: Climb Every Mountain, Goatherd, 16/17, No Way to Stop It

Favorite Dance to Watch: 16/17, How Do You Solve …,
to Participate in: Goatherd, the Waltz

Best Blooper in Rehearsal: The table breaking during Julia and Patrick’s 16/17
in the Show: Let It Go on the speakers, Maria expressing love for VT before Elsa breaks up with him, VT not making it back from his honeymoon, Gretl forgetting the Edelweiss, Maria singing brown paper bag x 3, and this dialogue: “Are the Nazis going to come? Is this God’s house?” “No, darling.”

Best Memorizer: Dani, Sophie, Fiona, Lauren

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Alex R. (“Is that a fat joke?”), Ashley, Capri, Colin

Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume: Nuns and the mother ab’s hat, lederhosen, nightgowns

Favorite Prop: “Maria’s Frankenstein veil,” Edelweiss, Teddy bear, whistle, candles, gun.

Favorite moment with the Crew: Hanging w/Jeanmarie and “Cracking necks with Tic Tacs.”

Cast Leader: Bonnie; also Alex and Susie

Friendliest Cast Member: Gabi A and Derek; also Carla, Nurin, Sophie, Pramz, Lauren, Vanessa, Julian and Talia


Annie, 2013

(results listed in order of votes received)

Favorite Moment (either during or rehearsal or performance): “They’ve been turned invisible by a chemical accident.”  Also: Lauren straightening Nathan’s glasses, “Shut up, Rigos,” singing “Tomorrow” at the end, variations on “every moment was great,” FDR’s solo, the flip.

Carras’s: The musical break before “I Love You, Miss Hannigan” in Hard Knock, Lauren’s, “You’re killing my hair!” and “See? I told you!” improvs, the improvs that covered no sounds from the radio, the laughs when Rooster/Hannigan sang, “…Down there listenin’,” “Something Was Missing” and “I Don’t Need Anything But You” the “Muuudddges” on Thursday night, Bella M sending the orphans away when they didn’t leave, “When you wake, ring for Drake.”


Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): Star to Be, Bella M. acting drunk, Bella M’s improv when the cards fell.


Quote(s) most often spoken by ...

              Carras: Variations on “Speak slowly,” “Turnout” and “Smile,” “Keep it going/keep it moving/right into (act) II,” “Wait, say that again,” “Helpful advice.”


Schwartz: “Swag,” “Sing Louder!” “Smidge … Orphanage,” “Enunciate,” “I’m lucky I don’t see my face when I get angry.”


Conley: “I dare you to focus on one thing,” “Run, Forest, Run” “Oooh, shiny,” “Why anyone would want to be a choreographer, I’ll never know,” “Touch that curtain and I’ll make you wear it like a toga,” “Unless you’re bleeding or on fire,” “I love you, but shut up,” “I will point and laugh.”


Rookie of the Year: Dani, Maggie, Noah H., Joyce, Haylie


Most Improved: Lauren F.; also Nathan, Gabby, Alex, Bella H., Alexis, Susie, Jake, Lauren R.


Favorite Song to Sing: Hooverville, NYC

                               to Listen to: Tomorrow, Anything But You, Never Fully Dressed, Little Girls, Maybe


Favorite Dance to Watch: EZ Street, Hard Knock, Never Fully Dressed,

                                to Participate in: Hooverville, I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here, Hard Knock


Best Blooper in Rehearsal: Ben dropping Lauren R’s leg, Alex telling Jake, “Here, let me help you” with the phone, Brandy dragging Alex off stage

                    in the Show: Wig malfunctions, Brandy running into the audience, Alex not spelling “Mississippi” correctly, Ben punching the air since he didn’t have the switchcomb, the radio and phone not working various times.


Best Memorizer: Jack, Bella M., Alex R., Susie (?!), Nathan


Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Tiana, Talia, “Is that a fat joke?”


Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume: Rooster’s suit, Boylan outfits, Grace’s red dress, Drake


Favorite Prop: Brandy; switchcomb, flask, mop/buckets, wigs, wheelchair


Favorite moment with the Crew: Bonnie’s “It’s a pentagon, not a square;” working w/Ava C.


Cast Leader: Bella M. – unanimously (not even one other vote for anyone else)


Friendliest Cast Member: Alexis, Ben, Mansi

Beauty and the Beast, 2012

(Results listed in order of votes received.)

Favorite Moment (rehearsal or performance): “B&B” dance, ad-libs during Belle’s change, “Human Again,” Beast/Belle “bully” scene, “Me,” Gaston’s slo-mo death, LeFou going after the duck, singing the first words of the first performance, Conley’s injury speeches.

Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): Tie –Gio’s “Why are you being so difficult?!” and Amanda’s “throw up face” when seeing Gaston. Also: Belle slapping the Beast, Jack D. “Oh, Yes!” “The Dying Cat” by Niamh, the Babette/Lumiere scenes, Jack rehearsing, “Don’t I deserve the best?” Beasts’ roar.

Quote(s) most often spoken by ...
Carras: “Keep the scene flowing/rolling,” “Keep the show moving,” “Reiss, sit on the other side,” “Don’t miss your cues!” “Don’t drift upstage,” “Turn out,” “Stop running, Susie.”
Schwartz: “Beef, not chief, ragu” “Pronounce the words,” “’pro-noun-ciate’ when you sing.”
Conley: “Oooh, shiny syndrome,” “It’s quiet time,” “Don’t interrupt unless you are bleeding or on fire,” “Run, Forest, run,” “If you mess up, I will laugh,” “Don’t touch the curtain or I’ll make you wear it like a toga.”

Rookie of the Year: Susie, Samantha, Bella M.; also William, Jack D., Nathan, Alexis.

Most Improved: Amanda; also Bella H., Niamh, Lizzie, Aram.

Favorite Song to Sing: “Be Our Guest,” “Mob Song,” “Gaston.”
To Listen to: Opening, “If I Can’t Love Her,” “Be Out Guest,” “B&B,” “Home,” “Me.”

Favorite Dance to Watch: “Me,” “Be Our Guest,” “Human Again.”
To Participate in: “Human Again,” “Mob Song.”

Best Blooper in Rehearsal: Belle hit in head by broom, Belle missed slap, Belle’s dress caught on stairs, glass breaking.
In the Show: Belle hit by duck, Will R. missing “act like a gentleman,” no book in west wing scene, Emily not getting blanket over head, Beast’s wig comes off on Thursday night, library curtains in trouble, Susie’s Cogs hat comes off w/blanket, glass breaking.

Best Memorizer: Amanda, Emily, Lizzie, Samantha, Niamh.

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Lauren (“Is that a fat joke?”), Chloe; also Eric, Izzy, Nathan, Jack K.

Favorite Costumes: Belle’s Yellow dress; also Potts, Gaston’s wig, Lumiere, Cogs, Babette, Wardrobe, Maurice’s hat.

Favorite Prop: Magic mirror, Belle’s bed, mugs, musket, baguettes, rose, sword, Maruice’s invention, Gaston’s chair (“so comfy!”), “Beer that I was not allowed to drink.”

Favorite moment with the Crew: Dago. Also – sword fight back stage during last show, Katia telling stories, bows, “Getting to sing with them backstage,” “Kill the Beast/guns,” “Every moment.”

Cast Leader: Lizzie; also Emily and Niamh.

Friendliest Cast Member: Pretty even split among Amanda, Eve, Samantha, Bella M. Also – Ben Web, Jack D., Alexis, Eric, Gio, Lauren.

The Wizard of Oz 2011

Favorite Moment (either during or rehearsal or performance): various, including “Getting my part,” as well as some bloopers (Christine runs into bench, late reaction to slap, etc.). Carras’ = Friday bows, and Mr. Schwartz's on-the-spot vocal arrangement to finish off the "If-I-Only-Had A ..." medley on Teaser day.

Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): Tie between “Ozmas/Ozmos” and when Lion hits Izzy; also “Drat that squirrel,” Syd’s witch laugh, Aram’s mic save, Hallie saying goodbye to Glinda.

Quote(s) most often spoken by ...
Carras: “Time = Death,” “Turn out.”
Schwartz: “The Wicked Witch is Deaf?” also “Put the D at the end,” “two of us in an esophagus,” “Hi, Mr. Schwats.”
Conley: “Love it, hate it,” “Call me when you get eyes in the back of your head,” “Life is good,” “Run, Forest, Run,” “Ready, Freddy,” “Just sayin’.”

Rookie of the Year (choice must be someone in 1st year of doing show): Michelle, followed by Aram, Caterina and Ben; also Lauren, Nikki, Jack, Izzy, Jessica, Erin, Bella, Danny, Brooke.

Most Improved (choice must be 7th or 8th grader): Lizzie, followed by Deborah; also Emily Bak, Emily Bl, Sammie, Hallie, Christine, Rachel, Jenna.

Favorite Song to Sing: Evenly spread among “Over the Rainbow,” “Munchkinland” and “Jitterbug;” also “Ding Dong.”
to Listen to: “Jitterbug;” also “W.W. is Dead,” and “Ding Dong.”

Favorite Dance to Watch: “Jitterbug” and a bunch of others.
to Participate in: “Jitterbug” by far and a bunch of others.

Best Blooper in Rehearsal: Pillar falls on Emily B.; also “I feel like Jesus,” the picture scene, “Can I help it?”
in the Show: Dorothy/Lion misdirected slap on Friday, Aram loses shoe, no tail pull on Friday.

Best Memorizer: Diana C.; also Rachel, Sydney, Rachel, Ben and Aram.

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Danny, Hallie and Shayna.

Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume: Good Witch dress; also Oz Army, Jitterbug and Lion.

Favorite Prop: Lollipops and brooms; also axe, gun, wings, trees, umbrella.

Favorite moment with the Crew: various, including “chillin’,” “stealing Andrew’s hat,” “broken telephone.”

Cast Leader: Sydney F.; also Diana, Deborah, Sammie, Rachel.

Friendliest Cast Member: Diana; also Sydney, Michelle, Katie S., Michelle, Rachel and a bunch of others including “Me.”


Bye Bye Birdie 2010
Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): 8th grade prank and Eddie's Ballad, followed by Alex S's trip and Spanish Rose.

Quote(s) most often spoken by ...
Carras: "Know your lines," "Be 8th graders," "Don't miss your cues," " "Turn out!" "Good luck."

Schwartz: "You are supposed to sound annoying in 'Telephone Hour,'" "Sound like screaming children," "Loop the loop, not loop the loo," "If it has my name on it, it better be good," "The texting hour," "Sound like Lady Gaga."

Conley: “Yes, and you, too,” "In a perfect world," "Love it, hate it," "If you touch that curtain, you'll wear it loke a toga," "Run, Forest, Run," "I'm just sayin'," ""Let's take a walk," "The dance you know and love," "Don't be haters," "There's a method to my madness."

Rookie of the Year: Brooke and Amanda tied; also Ally, Avir, Ashley, Hara, Hallie, Jenna.

Most Improved: Justin; also Alanna, Diana.

Favorite Song to Sing: “Telephone Hour."  Also "One Boy," "Living," "Happy Face."

Favorite Song to Listen to: “Spanish Rose."  Also "Lot o'Livin," etc.

Favorite Dance to Watch: "Happy Face"
Favoriete Dance to Participate in: “Happy Face," "Honestly Sincere"

Best Blooper in Rehearsal: Steven saying the wrong line, Eddie's jokes, Justin's saliva, "Hugo Peaboy."

Best Blooper in the Show: almost missing a scene, Eddie's saliva, no bartender @ Maude's, Stef picking up the phone before it rang, Justin running into Alli, Jessie tripping @ Maude's, "I think Hugo ... I think father."

Best Memorizer: Emma.

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Eddie and a few others.

Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume: Non specific.

Favorite Prop: Pea shooter and candles.

Favorite moment with the Crew: None specific.

Cast Leader: Steven and Lia.

Friendliest Cast Member: Emily, Dominique, and a few others.

Guys and Dolls 2009
Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): Nosebleed, Julia handing them the gun on Thursday night, Wednesday Havana rehearsal (“We’re going to take a walk,” ) “Sue Me,” “Sit Down.”

Quote(s) most often spoken by ...
Carras: "Time = death,” “Know/learn your lines,” “Get through the scene/get yourself out of the scene,” “Shut up, Evan,” (note – I don’t think I EVER had to say that this year!) “x = 7.”

Schwartz: “Listen to your neighbor,” “SING!” “2-4-6-8.” “Att-choo,” “Wit wown you’re wockin wa woat,” “Take your voice up an octave,” “Tank ta lawd,” “If my name is in it, it has to be good,” “All the single ladies,” “Boys or girls – who’s going to win?” “Yell it!” “Be better/more annoying than your neighbor.”

Conley: “Yes, and you, too,” and “Let’s take a walk” tied for number one; also “Life is good,” “Don’t be sorry, be right,” “Run Forest, Run,” “How do you stop the bleeding – literally?” “Don’t taze me, bro,” “Don’t touch the curtains or you’ll wear them like a toga,” “Take a ‘mother-may-I ‘ step.”

Rookie of the Year: Sydney; also Rachel, Deborah, Brett, Ally W., Emily, Julia.

Most Improved: pretty even split between Alex M., Stefanie, and Karen; also Alex S., Steven, Julia. Sameer, Vishal.

Favorite Song to Sing: “Sit Down,” and “B & P” also: “Oldest,” “Finale,” “Fugue.”

Favorite Song to Listen to: “Ad’s Lament,” “Sue Me,” “Sit Down,” “Marry,” “I’ve Never,” “Luck,” “More I Cannot …”

Favorite Dance to Watch: “Crap Shooters;” also “Mink,” “Ben doing ballet during scene change.”
Favoriete Dance to Participate in: “Sit Down,” “Mink,” “B&P.”

Best Blooper in Rehearsal: Jake’s nosebleed.

Best Blooper in the Show: Big Julie’s gun; also: BZ knocking into wall, Alli K. bumping into bench, “And she … I mean he.” Matt calling her “Adelide,” Ally dropping Joy’s weapon, Big Jule’s gun being totally visible to Brannigan Friday night, Alex S. rolled w/left hand, threw w/right after “Luck,” Carras not getting the watch to Justin, scrim not in place @ Sat. mat, the sound man’s phone ringing, Stefanie missing “Sue Me” sneeze x 2.

Best Memorizer: Still not Mark G.; also Jake, Karen, Hannah, Alli K, Evan, Stefanie, Emma.

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Ben w/Pietro, a close second; also Allie Di J, Jessie G.

Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume: Ad’s wedding dress, The “Reno” (aka Adelaide’s Mink outfit,) Brannigan’s trench; least fave = mission bonnets.

Favorite Prop: Newsstand w/sign, Carras dollars, minks, coffee cups, pamphlets, psych book, boxing gloves w/music.

Favorite moment with the Crew: Cody hiding in newsstand and other pranks, “I don’t like you – I like Rachel,” chasing Brittany, killing Ms. K., Anoush and Mitchell singing “Sue Me,” snake prank.

Cast Leader: Matt followed closely by Evan; also Steven.

Friendliest Cast Member: pretty even split between Hannah, Karen, and Anoush; also Sharon, Dominique, Alex S.

42nd Street 2008

Favorite Moment (either during or rehearsal or performance): Opening most voted, then every day, bows, scrim flying up and the audience cheerering.

Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): spread around many, including Nicole B. in Shuffle; Bert/Annie in Shuffle; Julia M. kicking the dancers off; Sabrina’s broken ankle faces, Laura M. singing 42nd St., Hannah singing 42nd St., Gabby S. throwing her shoe (Desserts) Mike Lev. ending the play, “Quarter to Nine,” Sharon G.’s return.   Matt K. and Izzy at Desserts: “She’s a good friend.”

Quote(s) most often spoken by ...

              Carras: “Stand by,” “Set for two,” “Turn out;” “Evan R., for once in your life, SHUT UP!” “Evan M., may I have a moment of silence from you?” “Matt K., just be quiet!” (Am I detecting a pattern here?), “Learn your lines,” “It’s show night – get us out of the scene,” “When in doubt, x = 7,” “Time = death,” “Let’s get started,” “There ya go,” “Project! Smile!”

Schwartz: “Enunciate,” “Sing your hearts out,” “Give me liberty or give me death,” “SING!” “As ______ once said …” “Wheve ghot a hlot of what it akes oo et a ong,”

Conley: “How do you stop the bleeding?” “Let go of the curtain or you’ll wear it like a toga,” “Blood or fire,” a.k.a. “bleeding and flames,” “DANCE,” “How do you stop the itching?” “Freak not,” “Don’t be sorry, just be right,” “What show is this again?” "Is this going to be on YouTube?" “Run Forest, Run!” “Don’t taze me, bro,” “There’s a method to the madness,” “She hates it, she loves it.”

Rookie of the Year: Steven T.; also Alex M., Alex S., Alli K.

Most Improved: spread around Nicole B., Hannah, A.J., Lauren Y., Mike Lev., Laura M., Ally H., Mark G.

Favorite Song to Sing: Lullabye; also Go Into Your Dance, Money.

Favorite Song to Listen to: Lullabye by a big margin; also Money, Quarter to Nine, Shuffle, Dance, Habit, 42nd St.

Favorite Dance to Watch: Go Into Your Dance, Opening, Dames, Habit.

Favorite Dance to Participate in: Opening by far; also Money, Lullabye.

Best Blooper in Rehearsal: Alanna F.’s skirt falling down; also the clown step , “shing-dang,” “Nobody steps out of a line in a show,” “Brock, where are you?” followed by Lauren Y. coming in and saying, of course, “I have never missed a cue in my life.”

Best Blooper in the Show: No montage; also crew opened up traveler for station while scene before was still going on; wrong way scrim; scrim lowered at end of Act I; Ben Z., losing his shoe; Mark G.’s “A-a-after the blackout”  (a.k.a. “The Blackout Song”) through the scrim, various actors’ voice cracks, Sabrina being injured w/out anyone pushing her, speaker feedback, Phoebe N. hitting Sydney S. in the head w/hoola hoop, Laura: “Annie … Annie … Gladys, Lolly, Phyl,” Mike Lev’s late entrance.

Best Memorizer: Anyone/everyone but Mark G. wins by a landslide! Also Sabrina,  Mike Lev, Michelle N., Hannah.

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Mainly Ben Z.; also Mark G. Mike Lev., Steven T., Eddie G., Ally H., Evan R., Jessie G.

Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume: Fave = Money; Dorothy’s Shadow dress; Ragamuffin; Ben Z.’s mustache; Least = fake tuxes and silver gloves.

Favorite Prop: many, including dimes, wheelchair, the bar, Broad St. platform,  flower hoops, scrim, vanity, phones, piano, Dorothy’s cast.

Favorite moment with the Crew: Pranks (weights in Peggy’s suitcase and switching the scripts), make up, “screaming when I got eye-liner,” “When they yelled at us,” “Sipping Nadia’s soda,” lipstick on boys, making hats, when the paint spilled.

Cast Leader: Izzy T-L; also Sabrina, Eileen, Mike Lev.

Friendliest Cast Member: Sabrina followed by Michelle N., Hannah Nicole B. and Ross; also Laura M., Alex S., Roei, Lauren Y. Izzy T-L, Steven T., James K., Alexa, Julie E.

Wonderful Town 2007

Favorite Moment (either during or rehearsal or performance): Bows/Conga into the audience (a Carras fave, too), “I think I hear the phone,” Julia K. laughing in Conversation Piece.

Favorite Moment by a Performer (rehearsal or performance): Aaron getting (and then reading outloud) a text message during rehearsal, Fich’s “intimidation,” Frank’s banana split speech, Lindsay C. learning her “hippy” walk.

Quote(s) most often spoken by ...
Carras: “Time = Death,” “What the crap?” “Don’t rush your lines, turn out, props, drops, etc.,” “Don’t touch!” “When in doubt, hug” and/or “I feel a hug coming on,” “You should know your lines by now,” “Onward,” “Set for II,” “LGBV.”

Schwartz: “SING!” “Drop it like it’s hot,” “SING LOUDER!” “5-6-7-8.”

Conley: “Fire or blood,” “Don’t be sorry, be right,” “How do you stop
the bleeding?” “Shakiras,” “Freak not,” “Caboose-i-tilization,” “In a perfect world.”

Rookie of the Year (everyone can vote, but choice must be a 6th grader):
Hannah, Matt K; also Evan, Ben

Most Improved (everyone can vote, but choice must be 7th or 8th grader):
Roei, Michelle N., Nicole B., Sam Net and many others ...

Favorite Song to Sing: almost all, slight edge to Swing
to Listen to: 100 Easy Ways, Swing, Conga, Darlin Eileen

Favorite Dance to Watch: Swing, Darlin Eileen
to Participate in: Swing

Best Blooper in Rehearsal: 1st time Michelle pulled Roei down
in the Show: Mark G./Sarah in Swing, Vortex sign goes down

Best Memorizer: Emily G., Sarah S., Matt K.

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Fich, Aaron, Jon L., Aaron, Ben Z.
Favorite (or Least Favorite) Costume: The “Reno,” and Drucker’s Wrong Note Rag.

Favorite Prop: Vortex sign, cereal boxes, vino, doggie on a stick.

Favorite moment with the Crew: Golden belt award, performing Darlin Eileen with them, when they hit me in the leg, when they let me rest on the beds because I had a back spasm.

Cast Leader: Ange P., Hillary, Toby

Friendliest Cast Member: Sarah S.

Oliver 2006
* = most popular choice.

Favorite Moment: Goodbye ceremony on Wed*; also “In my pants,” “every moment,” bows, singing for audition, standing on tables, being drunk in “Ooom Pah Pah”, the Mr. Terenzi game (?).

Quote most often spoken by:
Carras: Be quiet/shut up, Joey; So cute; time = death; Quiet in the house; Yo; Be quiet, small-toothed freak; Set for (Act) Two.
Schwartz: SING!; SING (10x) LOUDER!; How am I louder than you?; If you’re going to talk, get out; Sing your brains out; Oh, there you are; If my name’s on it, it better be good; You’re on my time now; I’m a small man, but I can project.
Conley: Unless it’s blood or fire, that’s it; In a perfect world ...; Henry/Henrietta; Leave the curtain alone or I’ll make you wear it like a toga; Hate it, love it; My posers; When in doubt, ask; What play is this again?

Rookie o/t Year: Many, but mainly Bobby*, Sabrina*, Michael L.* , also Ross, Michelle N., Roei, Dayna.

Most Improved: extremely close vote between Nat W., Shelli, Scott K., Lauren S.; also Dan G., Sarah S., Maya, Nat K., Rachel D., Jon D., Emily G., Joey.

Fave Song to ...
Sing: Basically everything, especially WWB, Consider Yourself, Fine Life, FGF, Be Back Soon, Pick a Pocket, Ooom Pah Pah
Listen to: I Shall Scream*, I’d Do Anything, WWB, Where Is Love, As Long As, Funeral, Reviewing, Be Back Soon, Ooom Pah Pah

Fave Dance to ...
Watch: Pick a Pocket, Be Back Soon, FGF, Consider Yourself, WWB, Scream
Participate: I’d Do Anything, WWB, Be Back Soon, Food, Consider, Oom, Pick, Blow Gabriel Blow (!)

Fave Performer Moment:
Many votes for “too many” or some variation; also many votes for Sarah S. as Mrs. S., esp. measuring Oliver w/tape measure and/or popping up behind him and the off-stage “What is it?” Also “Hard? Hard-hearted? ...” Old Sally dies, I Shall Scream, Where Is Love, Fagin cape twirl, Sabrina drunk, “I’ll eat my head,” when Nancy dies, I’d Do Anything (Carras’s vote, too, esp. when Bet shows everyone the steps), Reviewing the Situation, the kiss, Joey saving the scene w/t books, Corney bouncing on Bumble’s lap, picking pockets, bows.

Best Blooper
Rehearsal: Both Sowerberrys breaking the coffin,* Scotty: “I’m schvitzing” and discussing how stupid his microphone was not knowing mic was still on, Emily flashing Fagin’s boys (?), Sabrina forgot to drop duster while crying, Greener’s “too warm or too warm,” Joey’s pronunciation of “ani-mal” and “Ag-anas.”
Show: Alexi drops S bomb,* Alexa D parasol mishap, Scott falls off bench, Scott messing up “bridge” lines after Food, Emily and jewelry box, Emily C. forgets lines so Lindsey drinks a lot.

Best Memorizer: Maya*, also Max, Emily, Lauren S.

Food Grubber: Dan G.*, also Scott K., Kenny, Alexi, Sarah S., Caitlin, Me (presumably Dan G’s ballot)

Fave: anything rented, esp. Fagin, Mrs. S. and Dodger and Bumble
Least Fave: Orphan, townsperson.

Fave Prop: tie between Corney’s “freaky” cat, parasols, and Sykes’s and Bumble’s staffs; also police hat, pocket watch, Lylie’s gun, jewelry, sausage fork, handkerchief line, coffin.

Unofficial Leader: Alexi* and Lauren S.*, also Max, Angela, Nat W., Lauren F., Lindsey S., Maya.

Friendliest: Many, especially Sarah S.*,“everyone,” Taylor, Brianna and Michelle N., Jessye, Sabrina, Nat K., Max, Maya, Julia, Emily C., Joelle, Angela, Lilli, Jonny.

Anything Goes 2005
* = clear favorite/most votes

Favorite moment: Many, including when Joey came out in his boxers, Ally spilling the water on the floor instead of on Fish, eating dinner, “Fish and Blum!,” De-Lovely, “saying my line,” the bows (!), Mrs. H. w/ life preserver, “Well, ya know, when I was in Cicero, I was young and handsome and the girls loved me,” Hell Week, the “he’s de-ranged” scene, Friday/Saturday applause for “BGB,” “Lawdy, Lawdy,” being on stage and making people laugh, first rehearsal w/entire cast. For Carras -- everything, especially the “I Get A Kick” reprise when you all turned around and faced the audience and I was down in the front row looking back at all of you, and the BGB moments.

Least Fave Moment: Forgetting Public Enemy #1,* followed closely by “none” or “when the show ended;” also working until 9 (!), the blackboard incident, auditions, using the wrong Cheeky on Sat., weekend rehearsals, when Melanie said yes (?).

Quotes: Carras -- “Time = Death,”* “You’re killing me!” “GREENER!” “Come on!” “Jesus!” “I’m not a very religious person, but I am a very superstitious person,” “Don’t miss your cues!” “S/he gets a kick out of it,” “She sings, she dances, we all fall in love w/her,” “Turn out at an angle!” “All right, everyone,” “If you forget your lines (or cues), I’ll strangle you,” “Joey, don’t sing.”
Schwartz -- “Runnnnnn-ah,”* “SING!” “This is my time, not yours” “You people can’t sing and dance at the same time,” “Come on, people,” “If you want to talk, get out, just get out,” “A group is only as strong as your weakest link,” “Let me just say ____ days,” “We’re on my time now,” “Melanie, why’d you quit the clarinet?” “You did good.”
Conley -- “Don’t touch that curtain or I’ll make you wear it like a toga,”* “Step, shuffle, step, step,” “GREENER!,” “You people can’t sing and dance at the same time,” “(Reaching up) Love it ... (Not reaching up enough) Hate it,” “Seven on your side,” “I lied,” “In a perfect world,” “Touch, slide, back-step, step, shuffle, hop, step, step,” “Stallings, be quiet!” “Henry” and “Henrietta,”

Rookie of the Year: Michael B.,* Sarah S.*

Most Improved: Michelle R.*, Michael G., * also Scott M., Fish, Lexee, Mel G, Emily C.

Fave Song to Sing: “BGB”* and practically everything else, esp. “AG,”
Listen To: “BGB,”* and practically everything else, esp. “De-Lovely” and “Buddie Beware”

Fave Dance to Watch: “De-Lovely,”* also “Anything Goes,” “Buddie Beware,” “Gypsy in Me.”
Participate in: Not even close -- “BGB”*

Favorite Moment by a Performer: No clear-cut winner -- Joey’s “Lawdy, Lawdy!” Mike G’s “He’s dangered (instead of de-ranged),” the Hot Pants scene, Billy/Hope kiss (and we do mean kiss), “BGB,” Jon’s “Crocker!” Scott’s “No!” in the cabin, Moon swiping Whitney’s glasses, “Step in it!” “Don’t shoot me -- I’ll pay you,” “Kissing Scotty,” Joey in the boxers, Mike G’s nightclub improv on Th night, “That means I’m ruined! Ruined! AAARGH!,” Scott M’s “Please? I’ll pay you,” The “tell the girlfriend” line, the “Don’t shoot, I’m ...” dance moment, Moon in the coffin.

Best Blooper: No clear-cut winner (will divide into separate rehearsal and show categories next year) -- Ally’s version of the famous “pulling a McEntee,” Joey in boxers in the wrong scene, Evan’s mic coming off, leaving out Public Enemy, Mike G’s Thurs night improv, Scott’s “I never noticed how nice the ship was,” Ally’s beverage spill, the Moons forgetting the violin case to “shoot their way out,” Mike B. and Mike G. messing up the singing/ shut up moments in the jail scene, Teaser -- “Evan Blum and Michael Walden,” as spoken by the director (!), Greener’s hat falling off (but he picked it right up and went on!).

Best Memorizer: Ally K*, also Michelle R, Jon W., Fish, Sami M., Mike B., Mike G., Joey and Dan K. and Jon D. for the Chinese.

Most Likely to Watch: Ally K* with Emily G. and Emily H. right behind; also Lindsay C., Sarah S., “Parents,” Eden Brachot (not even in the play!), Maya/Lindsey (considered as a single unit), Mike B., Jen J.

Food Grubber: Scott M.* with Scott K. and Dan G. right behind; also Dan K., Jane C., Arielle W., Sarah S., Sam N., Rochelle, the Ratners, Lindsey S.

Fave Costume: Reno’s BGB,* also Boxers, Paris Originals, Hope’s Red or Erma’s Green, Emily C’s wardrobe.

Least Fave: None, really, except for a few complaints about the sailor or Hope’s red dress shedding too many boas.

Fave Prop: Cheeky and Chica* by far, w/votes for Whitney’s glasses, Angels’ sunglasses, machine gun, wheelchair, sword, the feather dusting thing, the life preserver, the beard.

Set: “The whole thing was great” by far, w/votes for double stairs, the balcony, “it was large enough!” the SS American preserver, the porthole, the jail bars coming down, the blue lights, the way the cabins opened out.

Friendliest Cast Member: No clear winner -- votes for Max Z., Maya S., Mike B., Lindsey S., Emily C. Sarah S. Sami M., Ally, Joey, Michelle R., “Everyone,” Fish, Jon W., Scott M., Julia K., Mike G., Mr. Schwartz, Chynna P., Joey.

Cast Leader: Samantha M. by far, w/many votes for Rachel Z.; also Lindsey S. , Sam D., Brooke W.

Sound of Music 2004

* = most votes
Favorite Moment: many, including “Folding invitations for Dessert’s on Us,” “Right before the show when everyone gets excited,” “Orange cast’s rendition of ‘So Long, Farewell,’” “Very end when we clapped for our parts and reprised ‘Do a Deer,’” “Costume changes and costumes falling apart on stage (Joey and Max’s pants),” “Right before the big dance with Adam and Kathleen when Kathleen called Kurt Joey and his tie was undone and his pants were off.”

Least Favorite Moment: Not too many mentioned, but ... “Tripping during the leap frogging,” “End of last show,” “Auditions,” “Jess T.’s hair stuck on my coat while dancing.”

Quote most often spoken by: Carras: “Sahar, you missed your cue,”* “Come on, guys, only ____ until showtime,” “Never the mic(rophone).”
Schwartz: “Pronounce the consonants,”* “See, I’m yelling, but I’m smiling,” “Die, Daddy,” “Sing with feeling!”
Conley: “One kill two bugs, two kills two bugs ...”* “When I’m talking, you’re listening,” “Spit out that gum,” “Touch the curtain and you wear it like a toga!”

Rookie of the Year (choice must be a 6th grader): many, including Max, “the Gretls,” Emily C., Alexi, Maya, Michelle R.

Most Improved (must be 7th or 8th grader): many, including Sami M., Jess F*., Jess S.*, Ally, Fran, Rachel Z., Carolyn.

Favorite Song to Sing: Do Re Mi or So Long, Farewell; to Listen to: Climb Every Mountain, Edelweiss, So Long, Farewell

Favorite Dance to Watch: Goatherd*, 16 Going on 17, So Long, Farewell; to Participate: The Waltz

Favorite Moment by a Performer: Mostly bloopers, except for Ally’s “No,” “Emily’s last note.”

Best Blooper: Lexee: “Oh, crap -- she forgot!”*, Kathleen saying Joey instead of Kurt, Joey’s wardrobe malfunctions, “looking quite peachy,” (?), Eddie being electrocuted.

Best Memorizer: Kathleen*, Fran, Sami M.*, Ally, Sara, Sahar(!), Kelsey and Rochelle (!), Adam.

Most Likely to be Seated in the Auditorium Watching Rehearsal (when they didn’t have to be there): Scott, Lindsey & Maya, Rochelle*, “Seat 5C,” Emily (Cohen or Rezin?), Jenelle, Kelsey*

Most Likely to Grub an Extra Slice of Pizza during Hell Week: Jordan, Brandon*, Carolyn, Lauren, Ethan, Scott, Fran, Nick, Rob K.*

Favorite Costume/Least Favorite Costume: Faves: Sailor, Lederhosen*, Gretl’s cap, Max Z’s “short shorts;” Least: Curtain clothes*, Mother Ab’s habit.

Favorite Prop: couch, the stone*, styrofoam pillars, flashlight, guitar case, Sahar’s hair, picture/mirror, tea set, floater desk, tree, Sahar’s imaginary door, candles, non-existent Bible, Brigitta’s French book, fake fruit, presents.

Liked Most About the Set: stairs,* the abbey, the balcony and the door, “we built it,” “it was so real.”

Friendliest Cast Member: Orange: Jess T.*, Rachel Z., Sami M., Ethan, Carolyn, Sara, Ally. Blue: Kathleen*, Nat K., Brandon, Adam, Scott, Emily C., Emily R., Jordan, Dani K.


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