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2014-13 -- The Sound of Music

April 8, 2014
Cast party poll results are posted; The Sound of Music is almost closed out, but the cast memories remain.

By the way -- how great did the shows turn out? Snow days, rough rehearsals during the early stages of H-Week, but then ... Boy. We couldn't be happier for you or prouder of the results.

March 6, 2014
Updated schedules added -- we have to shift the costumes to Thursday, 3/13.

February 6, 2014
Poor Schwartz and Conley keep getting snowed out! Luckily, the acting rehearsals have stayed pretty much on track. This week's dance schedule is posted and the acting schedule is also up to date.

January 29, 2014
New schedules posted.

January 23, 2014
Post-Snow Day and the new dance schedule posted over in the schedule sections.

January 8, 2014
Well, we got through Act I at read-throughs and ... not bad!

Mrs. Conley has decided to try to sneak in a dance rehearsal THIS SATURDAY from noon-4. If you're planning on being part of the cast, please do your best to be here, even if it's for only part of the time. In addition, the Von Trapp kids should plan to rehearse on Monday, 1/13 from 3-5. See? I told everyone the schedule was evolving ...

December 2, 2013
Another year, another musical! The halls are alive with The Sound of Music! Everyone's dancing today and acting tomorrow.


2012-13 -- Annie

March 22, 2013

We'll "close the book" on Annie for now with the cast memories and Carras's memories having been posted in the Days Gone By section.  Congratulations to all once again for a great job and we're looking forward to more of the same in Theatre Workshop and our 2014 musical ...

March 13, 2013

Holy cow! The show is tomorrow!

March 1, 2013

Please note -- the dance schedule that was posted yesterday was incorrect.  The Monday rehearsal is, in fact, a full cast run through for the Blue cast.  We will make sure the students know during this weekend's rehearsals.

February 28, 2013

Wow, so much to do and so little time! I'm happy with our progress, but we're down to TWO WEEKS until the show! I also just wanted to note that the dance schedule for this weekend has been posted.

January 11, 2013

I'm back after a prolonged absence (due to tech difficulties, etc.).  The draft of our rehearsal schedule is now up and will be kep up to date, and we're about two weeks into acting rehearsals.  So far, it looks like the casts are gelling quite well, and I'm happy with what I'm seeing.

On the other hand, the "boy thing" will soon become a big problem.  We NEED MORE BOYS! Girls, you'd better start recruiting your friends or else there's a whole range of shows that just won't be available to us in the future ...

August 2, 2012

It's taken me a while to get back to school to share next year's play choice; I was traveling and busy with other things that aren't school.  Isn't that what summers are for? Also, they didn't actually approve the rights until recently.


Alexis P., this one's for you (since you bothered me the most about what next year's play is going to be) ...


"The sun'll come out tomorrow ..."

2011-12 -- Beauty and the Beast

April 23, 2012

Cast memories and the cast party poll have been posted.  Another year has "officially" come to an end.  Join the theatre workshop acting club for short shows on June 8!

April 3, 2012

Another fantastic year has come to an end.  Check the other folders for new updates such as the cast party poll results.  Also, I hope to see everyone when the theatre workshop acting club resumes after our April break -- come and have some fun, and everyone gets a speaking part! (We'll be performing the shows on Friday, June 8.)

February 27, 2012

Newly revised rehearsal schedule for March as we enter the home stretch! Holy cow, the time flew by, didn't it? We'll be distributing these today, as well as handing out a costume memo.

January 4, 2012

A new year, a new rehearsal period has begun! We did our Orange cast table read yesterday and I'll meet the Blue cast today.  So far, so good ...

The newest, most up-to-date schedule has been posted in the Schedule section.  In addition, the tentative dance dates have also been listed.

December 12, 2011

I'm back -- for the moment.

Let's start with something simple, shall we? It's time for the annual is-anyone-even-reading-this? contest.  Drop me a line via email or, even better, stop by to say hello!


2010-11 -- The Wizard of Oz

April 14, 2011

Oz cast memories are up, as are (gasp) Guys and Dolls from 2001! My work is truly complete!

April 6, 2011

Newly posted in the "poll results" section in "Days Gone By" -- this year's cast party poll results! Also in the gypsy section -- this year's comments about our Gypsy, Emily B.  Still to come -- Carras's cast memories.

Theatre Workshop will start on Thursday, 4/28.  Make plans to join us now!

April 4, 2011


GREAT JOB! We had a rough patch (or two or three) along the way, but the final results speak for themselves -- we were a hit! I'll post up some follow-up material (such as the cast party poll, etc.) in the next few weeks.  One of the nicest parts of working on the play is when people come up to me afterwards and tell me how much they enjoyed the show.  I'm always happy as can be to hear that, but I also always try to praise all of YOU for your hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and talent.

Please plan to join us next year -- or, even better, participate in the theatre workshop shows in May and join us for our performance on June 3!

February 9

Just posted the dance schedule for this weekend and updated the acting schedule for the next week.  Everyone should have received it as an email "blast" from Ms. Conley with the dance schedule, correct?

February 4, 2011

Sunday, Feb. 6's dance rehearsal has been canceled!

January 5, 2011

The Orange read-through was (as I told Ms. Conley) "pretty non-offensive."  In case you're wondering, that's actually a decent start.  I hope Blue comes through along the same lines a little later this afternoon.

I just uploaded the corrected rehearsal schedule to the schedule page.  There will certainly be some changes to come; we're cutting the joke w/t bridge pages, so that may affect the rest of the schedule, and we may also take some hits from the weather even as early as this Friday!

Our singing rehearsals are scheuled to start on Wednesday, January 26 and our dance will begin on Sunday, January 23.  Ms. Conley wants me to ask everyone to come prepared with their weekend conflicts on the first day of dance; that is, please find out all of you commitments (bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, sports, etc.) and have them written down so she can try to schedule the rehearsals accordingly.

November 15

Added Birdie memories (if anyone's actually reading this).

November 12

Still battling tech issues, but slowly moving forward.  So far, no "takers" re: the previous message.

November 8, 2010

I'm back -- for the moment.

Let's start with something simple, shall we? It's time for the annual is-anyone-even-reading-this? contest.  Drop me a line via email or, even better, stop by to say hello!


2009-2010 -- Bye Bye Birdie

March 22

Re: our performances -- WOW!

I'll share my cast memories in the near future.  Meanwhile, if you haven't already submitted a cast party poll form, please stop by room 626 to fill one out.

March 19

Congratulations to the Orange cast for a great opening night! I'll be "back" eventually with details (such as the cast party poll, etc.), but I hope everyone knows how well the show turned out.  Various teachers and students have stopped by to congratulate us ... Now we keep our fingers crossed and keep hoping for the best for Blue tonight and both casts tomorrow.

March 9

The dance schedule for Saturday has just been posted.  The schedule for the last week is also posted.  Basically, everyone is at rehearsal on Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday until 9:00; named leads (that is, people who have been at rehearsals so far) are here until 9 on Thursday, too.

If you're not sure ... ask.  Please just don't ask me when I'm trying to direct 59 other people.

March 3, 2010

Dance schedule is posted.

I spent parts of the snow days becoming a little worried about how much time we've lost, but two really solid run-throughs have me thinking that we might be on to something here.  Even amidst the bloopers yesterday (a few lines missed and an empty water bottle that made someone trip and knocked someone else in the head), we looked pretty good, and I was especially pleased that just about everyone has made it "off book" with little difficulty.

I love Orange and Blue equally.  I really do :-)

Finally, spend the remaining two weeks doing being as professional as possible, but also try to do some team building.  Show your true character.  Become a leader.  If you see someone alone, invite them to join you.  If you see someone's down, pick 'em up.  If you see someone who needs help, offer your assistance.  Hang around with the people who aren't your own clique within the larger cast.  It's those little touches that mean the world to us.

Feb. 24

Dance schedule is finally posted! Please pay attention to your emails, etc. re: possible weather-related issues.  If we have to cancel on Saturday, this may be the only way we can reach you.

We are going to try to do the costume parade tomorrow, but it sounds like the weather will be conspiring against us again. Please be patient -- we'll get it together in time for our shows!

February 5, 2010

The dance schedule is finally posted.  I've been absent the last two days and I'm still sick with "The Cold."  My voice is barely a croak, and my nose/throat are definitely congested.

I'm posting a schedule in the bulletin board near the auditorium.  I'm going to ask all the characters in the Orange cast featured in pages 84-98 to come in on Monday and the Blue cast will do it on Tuesday. We should plan to stay until 5:00 on those days, however.

January 20

Who's reading this? Stop by and say hello.

This weekend's dance schedule is posted in the schedule section so go and check it out.

January 4, 2010

Rehearsals begin tomorrow! Again, please remember that you do not have to be at rehearsal unless the character that you are playing is featured in those pages; for example, I will be working with the Rosies and Alberts tomorrow because the play opens with a scene in their office.

The first ensemble rehearsal will probably be on Wednesday, 1/20.  Dance rehearsals will begin on Saturday, 1/23 ... We'll have a dance list up as soon as we can.

December 8, 2009

Dance tryouts are tomorrow in Caf I.  Then it's a bit of a wait until the cast list goes up on Friday, 12/18.

I just wanted to remind everyone that we're going to have read-throughs on 12/21 & 22 ... If you're among the lucky who end up with a part, please plan to join us on that Monday for the Orange read-through and Tuesday for the Blue read-through.

November 24, 2009

Welcome to the Birdie Blog! It's time for my annual "Does anyone actually read this blog?" entry.  If you've actually read this, please stop by Room 626 to say hello to me.

We're proceeding with tryouts as follows:

11/30 -- Singing tryouts

12/1 -- Acting tryouts

12/2 -- Singing callbacks

12/3 -- Acting callbacks

12/9 -- Dance tryouts

The cast list will be posted on Friday, December 18.

Not much else to report.  We've had some preliminary planning meetings to discuss the "vision" of the show, i.e. the look, how we plan to carry out certain scenes/effects/etc.  Things will definitely kick into high gear once the tryouts start.

Finally, let's get some more GUYS to join.  I love all the girls, but we need some more guys!


2008-2009 -- Guys and Dolls

April 21

Back, finally ... I got walloped by the "cast cold" the week after the show and then vacation intruded upon the proceedings.

Cast memories are posted.  You can see me if you'd like a copy.

Theatre Workshop organizational meeting is tomorrow and I'm posting up some info in the Theatre Workshop folder.

March 20

WOW! We'll have a lot more to say over the next few days, but for now, I draw your attention to the following: the cast party poll results have been posted in the poll results section of the Days Gone by Folder, and I hope to put my cast memories up ASAP.

Theatre Workshop resumes after school Tuesday, April 21 and parts are tentatively scheduled to be assgined on Thursday, April 23.  Eighth graders who are interested in writing and directing should let Carras know who they are soon.  Scripts MUST be finished no later than 5/1.  The shorties are scheduled for June 5.  We do our best to get everyone a speaking part, so make sure to join us.

March 18

Tech Night! Then the pre-show week ... Make sure to consult the schedule page for info you may need to know.  I hope you all know your lines!

March 13

Congrats on another successful Desserts on Us! Yes, some routines went better than others, but we've now played a bit before a live audience and can make our adjustments and make sure everything is up and running on our show dates!

February 26

Dance schedule for this weekend was announced yesterday and is posted today.  Less than a month until the shows!

February 4, 2009

The dance schedule is posted! Also, we'll make up the pages we missed yesterday soon -- just give me a chance to catch up a bit.

January 26

The revised rehearsal schedule has been slightly revised again -- there will be no dance this Sunday.  The specific breakdown for Saturday will be posted later this week.

We're almost through act I -- can you believe it?

January 21

Dance schedule has been announced and is posted on the schedule page.

January 20

Dance starts this weeekend! Is everyone excited? Although we just started rehersals, the show is coming along great! Singing starts tomorrow -- EVERYONE should come! The ensemble really makes the show! Pleaseeeeee don't drop... we need as many people as possible to make the show amazing!!!! Everything is starting to come together! I did my scene today and I reallly feel part of the show! There's still a lot more to do, but I am sure the show will come together!

<3 Kara <3 ( aka General Cartwright... yes she IS a girl :)

January 16, 2009

Wow -- I actually got on the page! Sorry about a lack of posting ... I've been having some technical problems.  At any rate ... As I told the actors yesterday, we're at that weired point where I'm chugging right along through Act I, yet we haven't had any singing or dance rehearsals yet! It feels like a show ... but not quite like a musical yet.  I am, of course, happy with what I've been seeing -- we have a talented group of actors.  But we still have a loooonnnnggg way to go!

I'm posting a revise to the schedule which I will tell you about on Wednesday, 1/21.  Make sure you plan to sing every Wednesday from 3-4 (people who have lead singing parts should plan to stay until at least 5-5:30).  And dance will begin for all on Saturday, 1/24 -- the specific dance schedule will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday.

December 15

You are, as I have told you more than once, part of our theatre community because you love to act and want to be part of something larger than yourself. Whatever happens in terms of tryouts does not matter; you will be there to become part of our ensemble in January because you want to share your joy for performing with out audience … no matter what the part is.

Our primary goal during casting is to match the right person to the right role. It’s the most difficult part of the process and the part that we have to spend so much time on because there are so many of you and you’re so good at what you do. It’s nerve-wracking and difficult for all of us, but there is, unfortunately, no better or easier way to do it.

You have to remember that YOU ARE AN ESSENTIAL PART OF ALL OF THIS and I would like nothing better than to work with you. There are still parts remaining that will be assigned once the full cast forms up in January.

As I’ve already told you, the amount of time you spend involved with the South Theatre Company and the quality of that time can influence casting when everything else is equal. That is, the more you stick around our program, the more we get to know you and appreciate you for what you bring to our program. That’s another reason you want to stick with us. Nothing makes me happier than watching how a particular performer develops over the years, and you have to believe that we do our best to get everyone involved in some form or another.

Finally, if you stay with us, you’ll get to know people in every grade and, most importantly, you’ll have fun. The fun part of the program often gets lost amidst the competition and tension of tryouts, but ask anyone who’s worked with us in any capacity and they’ll remember the good times we had. The tension of tryouts will soon give way to everyone becoming like a family; in the words of one of a former SMSer, “When the doors close and rehearsals begin, I feel like I’m at home.”

When I was in seventh grade, I tried out for Oliver and didn’t get a call back, so I quit the show. Trust me -- you will regret it if you choose to leave. Please come and be a part of our Theatre Family.

Thanks for all that you do,

November 18

A test of intrigue and recall -- who's actually reading this? Will you remember to come by and say hi?

Seriously, I hope everyone has the tryout lines and is working on them.  Feel free to stop by to see me if you have any questions or need any further information.

October 21

Theatre Workshop will meet on 10/14, 10/21, 11/18, 11/25 and 12/11.

Meetings to distribute tryout info and schedules to the grades are as follows:

8th grade = Thursday, 10/30 from 3-4 after school in Room 621

7th grade = Thursday, 11/6 from 3-4 after school in Room 621

6th grade = Thursday, 11/13 from 3-4 after school in Room 621

Our parent meeting will be Wednesday, November 5 at 7:00 in the auditorium.

Guys and Dolls Character Descriptions

Guys and Dolls is the story about a group of gamblers who hang out in Times Square during the 1930s and the women they love.

Sky Masterson: a suave, sophisticated leading man who always says the right thing. He bets Nathan he can get any woman to go on a trip to Havana with him. (4 songs)

Sarah Brown: a sweet, kind-hearted Salvation Army volunteer who ends up becoming involved with Sky. (5 songs)

Nathan Detroit: a down-on-his-luck, funny co-leading man who’s been engaged to his girlfriend for 14 years. Will they finally get married? (2 songs)

Miss Adelaide: a somewhat-ditzy nightclub singer/dancer who’s been engaged to Nathan for 14 years. (6 songs)

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Nathan’s fast-talking friend and fellow gambler. (3 songs)

Arvide Abernathy: Sarah Brown’s mentor/friend with the Salvaton Army. (2 songs)

Benny: Nathan and Nicely’s good friend. (3 songs)

Key Supports
Big Jule: a gambler from out of town who everyone fears because s/he is so tough.

Lt. Brannigan: the detective who’s trying to arrest everyone.

Harry: another gambler.

General Cartwright: head of the Salvation Army office.

Joey Biltmore: potential host of a gambling night.

Agatha/Salvation Army Group: seen often in scenes with Sarah, etc. (1 song)

Mimi/Hot Box Girls: seen often in scenes with Adelaide. (2 songs)


October 8

Hey All:

Just a quick update for today -- we started Theatre Workshop yesterday.  Not a bad turnout -- I counted 28, many of whom were 6th graders.  I know a lot of our 7th and 8th graders are currently on teams, but I hope I'll be seeing  more people as we work toward Guys and Dolls tryouts.  I'm going to post the theatre workshop schedule on the TW page.

October 3, 2008

Welcome, loyal readers! Hello? Does anyone actually even read this any more? Write me at and tell me you're still out there!

The theatre workshop starts on Tuesday -- join us then!

In terms of Guys and Dolls ... We're moving forward slowly but surely.  We've obviously taken a big hit with Ms. Re's departure, but luckily Ms. DeLuca has stepped up and will take over the running of the crew with Ms. K. and Mr. Mead and Mr. D. all still working at their jobs.

Before I wrap it up, a little trivia:

* how many of you knew that Guys and Dolls will be returning to Broadway right after we have our performances? The last production (with Peter Gallagher, Josie DeGuzman, Nathan Lane and Faith Prince) is considered one of Broadway's greatest ensembles ever. 

*how many of you knew that G&D is the first show I directed here? The cast included such past stars as Jake B., Michael D., Nina B., Shara G., Rob R., Phil C., Luisina Q., Missy K., Benny O. and David L.  These names may not mean much to you guys, but trust me -- they were amazing.  I'd be happy to show you their work if you'd like to get a taste of their work.

Finally, grade-level meetings (to discuss tryouts, give out scenes, etc.)are scheduled as follows:

Grade 8 -- Tuesday, 10/28

Grade 7 -- Thursday, 11/6

Grade 6 -- Thursday, 11/13

Hang in there,



2007-2008 -- 42nd Street

May 20

Cast reunion will defintely be on Friday, May 30 from 3-4 in the auditorium.  Please come to see me (if you haven't already) to order a slice of pizza.

Theatre Workshop keeps moving along ... See the TW page for any updates.

April 17

Please check out the Days Gone By section for the results of this year's cast party poll and Carras's cast memories.  Not only that, there's a new update on the Theatre Workshop page.

Also, an update re: the cast reunion.  The tentative date is Friday, May 30.

There ya go,


April 12

You all already received this, but I wanted to post it for posterity.  I'm currently working on my cast memories and the cast party polls, so there's a lot more to come!

To the amazing cast & crew of 42nd Street:


Just a note to tell you all how proud I am of you. All four performances brought down the house, as expected. Applause broke out in the middle of the opening number... talk about instant gratification! It doesn't get better than that. I know the veterans of our cast are familiar with that feeling, we look forward to it every year. Our newcomers are getting a taste of it for the first time. Enjoy it... that's the taste of success. All the buzz around school & the positive feedback is what you all worked so hard for. For all the hours of rehearsal, sacrificed weekends and keeping up with schoolwork, you should know that every compliment is well deserved.
There were so many people supporting you & contributing to your success and I hope you'll take the time to thank them as you see them throughout the week. Hillary K., Caitlin F. & Emily G. (aka - my girls) were so generous with their personal weekend time and were such a great help teaching one of the largest dance crews in the history of Great Neck South Middle's musicals. It's an example of how welcome you are on our stage even after you move on to High School. Whether it's just to say "Hi", stay for an hour, or stay the whole day... we're always happy to see you. (Pay attention, 8th graders!)
Thanks to Mrs. Re, we had boxes and platforms, hoops & dimes, mirrors and staircases, etc., etc., etc. as well as a team of smooth operators backstage. Stage crew moved us through the show so smoothly that they were hardly even noticed, and the golden music from the pit entertained everyone even through scene changes. Mr. Schwartz's hands should be cast in bronze.
Ms. Musmeci made sure we all looked great and had what we needed on stage. Her costume closet is a dream come true! This year she was joined by Rob Di Giovanni, who proved himself to be invaluable. I know you all enjoyed having him on board.
Ms. Kostopoulos & Ms. Deluca had their hands on just about everything. Think of something in the show... they had something to do with it.
Of course, Mr. Carras should be drowning in thank you's. The effort put forth by a director (both mental & physical) to get a show done is nothing short of amazing. Like you, he has his own "schoolwork" to keep up with and he can't bring in a note from his parents!

Thank you for the opportunity of working with you. I consider it an honor, and as I've said before, the pleasure is truly all mine. I loved watching you learn & seeing you progress each weekend at rehearsal. The pride in your faces as you performed each number is enough for me to live on for a long time.
Be well.
I look forward to seeing you again, soon.

With love,
Mrs. Conley


April 11

So far, so good.

April 1

OMG -- one week until our show!

This is the time when everyone needs to be at their best. How will you rise to the challenge, the pressure that H-Week puts on all of us? I (that's Carras) will be curious to see how we all do.

Saw some good things the last few days, but also saw some items of concern.  Blue had a great run the other day, for example, then didn't do as well yesterday.  Orange had a bad run the other day and then did so well that we actually FINISHED EARLY today.  There ya go.

March 18

Hey theatre geeks! It's Lauren (Y.) blogging again.  Can you guys believe we only have one more full weekend of dance?! Scary, but true! We also have that day where Conley cleans up everything!! Oh yeah, and just a friendly reminder to ... MEMORIZE YOUR LINES (*cough* *cough* lead-guy-who-shall-remain-nameless *cough*). But seriously, opening night is coming up in 22 days! Holy cow, that's less than a month!  So who's excited for "H" WEEK?! Haha! Well, I hope everyone is practicing all of the stuff they need to practice and buying tickets for their families and little buddies! TOODLES. --Lauren<3

(P.S. If i didn't get it through to you guys already...................MEMORIZE THOSE LINES PEOPLE!!!!)


March 17

We had Desserts three days ago already and ... didn't it go well? I have to say, I was honestly surprised with how well it ran.  That is, you guys did a great job even with the changes in rehearsal schedules and other problems we've had.  I think we also have a pretty good idea about our format for the evening (i.e. the structure of scenes/songs/improvs) and we also did well with the hand-held mic scheme.  Finally, of course, Izzy T-L and others backed me up in order to get all of the behind-the-scenes work done and, best of all, we had Schwartz and Conley with us!

Now we're selling tickets! Carras is selling tix to Orange in 626 while Mrs. Cimbalo has Blue in 611.  You can catch us before school or up through homeroom.  We're only selling to named leads this week (and you're limited to 8 per performance), but dancers/chorus and crew are added into the mix next week ... and there's no longer any limit on how many you can buy!

Finally, one last important matter -- I'm glad we have a mini-break coming up this week, but it's extremely important not to forget everything we've done up to this point.  Speaking on behalf of your teachers, I urge you to remember your lines, songs, dances, etc.

March 7

Hello all you thespians. Tis Angela blogging from the other side. I would just like to say that I love you all and I'm excited to soon be crashing all rehearsals when I'm feeling better. You have all just been patty-slapped.

Love, Ange Pitt

March 3

I (Carras) am sick.  Ugh.  I promised myself I wouldn't change the rehearsal schedule any more, but this one is beyond my control.  Please check the schedule and the board for updates.

Also, re: costumes -- we're doing the parade early, but you'll still have nearly a month to get your things together.  In the words of Conley, "Freak not."

February 26

Yesterday was a simple day of rehearsal, but it brought to mind just how much I (Carras) love working on the show.  Why?

(1) The script called for Julian to step through the scrim, but our scrim won't be split to allow him to do that.  Our little staging alternative (where he basically yells at Peggy until she's off the stage) allows Julian to step off the stage and come around ... and it makes the whole scene more intense and, therefore, better.

(2) I got to watch you do Improv warm-ups.

(3) I got to hang out with all of you guys.  It's fun.

February 7

Hey guys, it's Roei here.  We have just tipped into the old files of previous South Middle shows and, as of now, we are second place in the "most-populated" shows. First place goes to Oliver! SECOND goes to us, if nobody drops, and in third we have Anything Goes.  We are going to be the best show ever and you all know it so DON'T DROP.   That's all for me now; I think Evan wants to blog ... but not Evan R. -- he is having too much fun in the corner!

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo( HA, I beat you, Nicole!).  Hey everybody, it's Evan here. Just wanted to say how 42nd Street is going to be the "BEST DARN SHOW THIS TOWN'S EVER SEEN!" Carras, Roei and I are chillin' in the English office and now I gotta go make the 4:30 bus ... Peace out!

January 28

Hey, Guys -- Laura here! Dance has been great.  I love to tap and I think we are getting pretty good. Acting has been going well, too. This show is going to be great! By the way, Mr. Carras says we have to be good becaue he doesn't want to lose any more hair because of us.

Hi people!! It's Lauren Y. here.  You guys have no idea how much I've been wanting to blog! So everyone is coming along great with the tap. If you're freaking, freak not! (as Ms. Conley would say.) We're all going to get it! It was only the first dance rehersal, so if you're not getting it, you will, trust me. Okay so I think I'm going to get off Carras's computer and give someone else..........SEE YA!!!!!

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo ganster fool ... Hah-hah, just kidding.  Nicole B. here! I am soo excited for all the fun practices! We are going to have such a dandy time! So yeah, I really love being in this play.  All of you 6th and 7th graders stay with the play and have funnnnnnn! Yeah, so that's really all I have to say, but before I go, here is a rap going out to you South Theatre kids.....

yo yo yo check it,

south theatre co. is the place to be,

we all have soo much fun ohh weeeeeeeeee

i love the play

so hey hey hey


January 10

The dance list will be posted tomorrow outside the auditorium. Also, take a look at the schedule page for important dance info (that's right there, right now, Chet).

January 2, 2008

Wow, first entry of the new year! Please make sure you stay up-to-date.  Let's keep the following dates in mind:

January 3 -- Orange cast read-through in the libary classroom.  We should be done by 5:00.

January 4 -- Blue cast read-through in the library classroom.  W should be done by 5:00.

January 11 -- Yale Improve troupe teaches a workshop and then performs from 3-6.  Please see me (Carras) to let me know if you're going to attend so I can order enough food.

December 14, 2007

The cast will be posted on 12/19.  If you end up with a part, please make sure to stop by and pick up your script BEFORE Christmas vacation.  We won't have our "table reads" until after Christmas break.

December 7, 2007

Did I tell everyone to stay with the show?

It's really a matter of mathematics -- we had more than 90 singers try out and more than 80 actors (I haven't spoken to Ms. Conley yet to get her total).  Right now, we are casting 36 parts* (see next paragraph) .  Obviously, that means that some people are going to get "named-parts" while others will not, but I honestly believe that everyone should stay with the show.  We always have such a great time putting this together and we want everyone to be a part of it.  The great thing about South Theatre Co. is that if you want to be a part of it, you are a part of it.  Everyone who tries out can be part of the show in one way or another.  It may not be the way you imagine, but we do our best to find something for everyone.

By the way, here's a little "web exclusive" for people who actually read this page -- because we have SO MANY talented people, I've decided to cast a couple of the parts I was going originally going to hold back on until after the cast formed.  So please note that, in addition to the parts we've already discussed, we're adding three additional supporting parts to the roster -- Diane, Ethel and Gladys; they are performers in Pretty Lady (the show within the show) and are featured in a lot of scenes with Lorraine, Phyllis, Annie, Maggie and Peggy.


November 28, 2007

We sing tomorrow! We act next Thursday!

I hope everyone is ready.  You should have your song prepared for tomorrow and your scene prepared for next Thursday.  The singing tryouts will be in the choral room while the acting tryouts will be in the auditorium.

I've "roughed out" a tentative rehearsal schedule and will post it shortly.  We also had the meeting with the parents last night so they're on board.  Construction will begin soon, costumes and props will start to gather ... WOW!

I know the audition process is difficult and creates a great deal of tension, but please try not to let it get to you too much.  We have so many people trying out and only so many spots available.  STICK WITH US so you can share the experience and have a great time with the South Middle Theatre Co.!

October 29, 2007

Hey All:

I can't believe it, but the time is upon us again ... The tryout scenes will be distributed starting today!

Ms. Re and I have been discussing the "look" of everything and she's been doing her usual amazing job of envisioning the sets.  Soon, Ms. K and Mr. Mead will join her and the construction, etc. will begin.  Ms. Conley is busy at North with their production of Wizard of Oz, but I'll be meeting with her later this week to discuss our plans.  This one is a huge show for her and you all should be ready to put on your tap shoes ...

It's great to have the my "theatre excitement" back.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you this week.  I'm expecting more than 100 people will be trying out this year; when you combine that with the crew, we have more than one-ninth of the school involved in the play and we're the largest activity that includes all three grades.

Finally, read the message from Oct. 2 that's right underneath here.  Not too many of you responded.

October 2, 2007

Hey All:

Today's the first meeting of the Theatre Workshop and I'll be reminding everyone to check out the website.  Be ready to prove that you listened to my words and drop me an email at

Also, please navigate around the site ... You may find some necessary info in some of the folders listed above.




2006-07 -- Wonderful Town

June 11

So Theatre Workshop has come and gone ... We can sit and reflect about all the things that went wrong (and we all know just how large a number we're talking about here), but let's also remember the following: (1) We actually performed (as opposed to canceling) and (2) More than one person came up to me (I promise you I'm not making this up) and told me how much they loved it because the perfomers' energy level and enthusiasm was so high.  I'm happy as all heck for you guys ...

Friday, June 15 will be our Wonderful Town cast and crew reunion.  We'll be in the aud. from 3-4.  Please RSVP to me or Ms. Re so we know how much pizza to order.

Tuesday, June 19th (from 6:30-8) is Cold Stone day.  Ask a 7th or 8th grader if you don't know what this is.

June 1

Toby added what follows a few days ago, but I only now just found a moment to look it over before "publishing."

We almost had to "bag" the TW, but the look of disappointment on everyone's faces really hit home.  Not only that, I thought about what I really love to do and what I really love to do is theatre, so theatre I will do.  It will help me get through all of my difficult times ...

Schedule for next week:

Tuesday until 4:30, Thursday until 9:00, Friday we run through after school from 3-5:30, break for dinner, then perform at 7!


Hellooooo! Toby "speaking"

How are you (yes,you)? Doing good? Good.

Well, I just felt that the site needed SOMETHING on here.

Well, to all you Theatre Workshop people, get psyched for the One Act Performances on June 8th.

Keep practicing lines and SHOW UP to any rehearsals that are occuring.  PLEASE!

I should get going now.

Peace& Love,


Hey tharr kiddos,

Just felt like writing and sharing with every thespian (which I just found the meaning of

yesterday), that I watched the Jaws Marathon the other day! I never thought I could enjoy

a movie about a beastly shark who eats people this much! I was intrigued when Jaws is shot

in the gas tank which is put in his mouth, and then he blows up! Whoa, shark meat everywhere.


Alrighty, as in the movie Jaws,

da da....da da...da da da da da da da......screams and blood.

*try to guess who this is*

May 14

Theatre Workshop -- Friday, June 8 @ 7:00 (yes, that's right Nicole B. -- 7:00!)

May 3 

Hola Amigos (and for those of you who don't speak Spanish I said, "Hello Friends!")! Toby typing again. I just felt that this website

needed to be updated.

Just some reminders about One Acts, for anyone who is actually reading this:

1. Always check for announcements either from Mr. Carras, HTV News, or on here about when you need to stay after for rehearsals.

2. Missing more than one rehearsal isn't a very smart idea (you'll probably get the boot, and that's not good.)

3. If you can't be at a rehearsal, make sure Mr. Carras knows in advance.

That should be it for the reminders.

I'm going to get going now.

Peace& Love<3,


Hey, Foooolss<3,

So you pretty much got the 411 on everything that has to do with the One Acts or Theater Workshop, so there isn't

much left for me to say......besides the fluff. Alrighty......

Is everyone excited for the One Acts as  much as I am? I am encouraging everyone who has an inner "playgeek"

lurking inside them to see Mr. Carras about taking part in Theater Workshop/The One Acts. There is NO THEATER

TODAY AFTER SCHOOL--MAY 3rd, 2007. I know, I know....devastating. Although you can still catch Mr. Carras

before school ends or tomorrow if you have questions concerning anything TW. Or, you could join TW and witness

and experience all the wonderful things that happen at TW. Hehe?


Marizzle. (Marina)!!

FYI: Tomorrow is "ROY RULES" DAY in 609.


April 24

Hey Kids!

Wow, The man himself is actually chiming in!  Just wanted to let everyone know about the following:

(1) The cast party poll results have been posted in the "Days Gone By" folder.

(2) Theatre Workshop is up and running; 4/26 is our first Thursday and 4/30 is the first Monday rehearsal.

(3) Ice Cream on June 21 @ 7:00.  Ask me.

(4) Next year's show is slowly working its way forward from the back of my head.  Just about coming up on my ear about now ...


April 17

Hey there! Toby here. I just wanted to write something here because every time I check our site there isn't anything new (which makes

me annoyed). Anyways, today are The Apple Tree TRYOUTS!!! Yikes. I'm excited to see who will get what parts in that and in each of the

different shorties. I'm actaully nervous. Well, I better get going because Fich wants to write, too.

Peace and love, Theatre Geeks!


P.S. I would like to make a shout out to my Mommy! Today is her birthday! So, who ever is reading this (yes,you!), I want you to shout

out to your computer and as you do I want you to say these words: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY'S MOMMY!

Well, did you say it?... No?... Well, then I'm just going to have to give you a knuckle SANDWICH!!!!! (he he :) )

Hey guys:

Fich here. I haven't blogged in so long. Since this is my home page everytime I went on the computer I saw that there wasn't anything

new on the website. That really bothered me because I am OCD. Anyway, Apple Tree tryouts are TODAY!!!!!! Also One-Acts are starting soon. I would really recomend doing One-Acts because it is a great way tobecome known to Carras if you haven't already. Also, One-Acts are really helpful and teach you a lot. Take me for example in 6th

grade I was a nobody. I did One-Acts both years and now look at me. I'm one of Carras' bffs. So DO THE ONE-ACTS!!!!!! I ran out of

things to say (Shocking, I know)

See you all soon.



March 26

Hey Thespians!!!

It's me, Lindsay C., here to say that you guys did an unbelievable job on the show. Seriously, aside from a few tech glitches, ("I think I hear the phone!") we couldn't have put on a more professional and entertaining performance for our loving and adoring audience. Saturday's shows were especially outstanding, seeing as we ran fairly clean shows. Our audiences were great that day too, especially the matinee. I couldnt quite pinpoint it, but someone in about left row F had the strangest laugh I'd ever heard. I couldn't understand what we did to deserve a visit from Santa this early in the year.

Hey guys! What's crackin'? I can't believe I'm writing again. I'd give you all cheesy, half-hearted compliments but... it's just not my thing. Anyway, you better join the one acts or I'll smoke your behinds (I'd say something else, but I'm not allowed to here). They begin Thursday, April 12th so if you read this there's no excuse not to come. I WILL track you down and I WILL inflict heavy pain on you if you don't show up.


P.S. What's a thespian?

March 21

Hello everyone-- Aaron here (no way!!). Yeah, I was bored and the show's today so I decided to blog. I'll see you all later at the show. I just hope Mr. Carras keeps this up long enough for somebody to read. This is my first and LAST blog so don't expect anything else from me. All I wanted to say is that it's been great working with all of you and your all great friends. I hope you all are in the one acts. I look forward to working with you guys again.


Hello everyone -- Toby typing.

I just wanted to say that the first show is, um ... TOMORROW!

OH LORDY! (ha, ha Angie)

You guys have done such a wonderful (note from Carras -- nice choice of word, Toby)job at rehearsals. The Teaser was amazing as well. I really love working with you all.

I'm going to get going now, because Fich and Emily want to blog now.

So, peace people!

-- Toby

P.s. Speak up, Listen to the audience, Don't Rush lines, watch out for the drops, Be SAFE, and remember ... HAVE FUN!!!

WOAH WOAH WOAH! (yes with the fingers)

It's Em Glase writing to you guys and I am so psyched because I have never blogged before! This is awesome! You guys have done

an amazing job so far and you will do absolutely fantastic tomorrow! I could not be more blessed with such great cast members at my side

and I hope I can work up to the great standards you guys set with your hard work. Tomorrow will be amazing and I can't wait! I love you

all and just one more thing before Fich comes and kicks me off ... always remember that you don't command the way the show goes, length wise,

the audience does. If they laugh, you wait, if they don't, you keep going. They are your guide to how fast you should go even though its been great

so far! Thanks so much you guys!

Love forever and ever- Emily <33 =]

March 14

I'm glad so many people have been able to adjust their schedules to stay until 9:00 tonight.  That way, if we lose tomorrow, we'll still be in decent shape.  We lost at least one night during the last week of Anything Goes and we lost the Teaser day for The Sound of Music and both turned out just fine (actually, better than fine).  If we're here tomorrow, then the schedule holds "as is" and everyone stays until 9.

March 13


It's me, Lindsay, your fave blogger! I just want to say that Desserts on Us was unbelievable. No Joke, we couldn't have done a better job. I have to admit, I was a little worried as to how the show was coming along, but after your preformance that night... how could I doubt anything!

Yesterday, we had a blue cast run through 'till 6, which was very productive, only, the scenes took longer than Mr. Carras imagined they would, but then again, it was Sarah's cast, and all those dramatic pauses end up adding some serious time to the shows... so, "Everyone coming to Blue shows should bring pajamas, blankets and provisions ... 'cause Sarah is going to keep the show going until the morning!" Anyway, great job again, I couldn't have been a prouder host... you're all great, and you're all my BFFAAEAEAEEAs!

Love always,

Lindsay <3

(Carras notes -- we ran long for a couple of reasons, mostly because we were trying to add some props while rehearsing, a process that will continue.  Estimated slowest rehearsal -- Friday run-through #1 since it's the first w/everyone.  Go ahead -- prove me wrong.)


Hey Guys, it's Hillary!

Wow, it's been like 23 and a half million years since I've blogged last! So much has happened since then. Now we are in the final two weeks of rehearsal. Wow, that's really weird to think about. I hope you are all getting extremely excited about the upcomming rehearsals. I got a "reassuring e-mail" promising me that Christopher Street will be completed by Thursday night! It was quite a  funny e-mail conversation. First I asked one of  my signature "HUH???" questions... then we got into actual English words! All the rest of the dances are in GREAT shape! Acting-wise, we are as strong as ever!

Shout out to Ms. Conley: I love you... you are amazing and thanks for putting up with all of my "HUHH???" questions!

I just want to remind everyone to keep checking the schedule and be at ALL the rehearsals they are needed at! I have to go to Spanish now (uggghhhh)!

Love Always,


P.S: If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!

Howdy, y'all! It's Sarah! Yes, Sarah's writing on the blog! Yipee! You go, girl!

I'd just like to say that I am so proud of you guys, sniffle sniffle! The play is just around the bend, and I'm getting the vibes that we are wholly and completely "rearin' to go"! Just a little fun fact: Singing is tomorrow! And, if you are having a little difficulty with memorizing the songs, here are some fun tips that will give you the memory of an elephant!:

     1. Reread  and sing each song 3 times.

     2. Take a break and eat some chocolate or ginger snaps

     3. Reread and sing each song 3 times once again.

     4. Rewrite each song 3 times.

     5. Take a break and eat some more chocolate or ginger snaps

If that doesn't work, than stub my toe and call me Skipper!

Thanks a lot and

Seacrest, out.


March 12

'Ello, 'ello. Ange here with Puffin.

I haven't blogged in a long time, so I've decided to recap yesterday's dance rehearsal. Lindsay had to learn the "Violet Strut" with the boom

chaka-laka-laka and me yelling out, "You bake them cookies, Lindsay!" It was really funny. I'd also like to remind everyone that dinner

orders are due TOMORROW! If there is absolutely no way that you can have your orders in by Tuesday, Wednesday is the absolute

latest. These are the dates that we will be staying until 9pm (dinner days):

ORANGE/BLUE LEADS ONLY on Thursday March 15

Everyone on Friday March 16, 2007, Sunday March 18, 2007, Monday March 19, 2007, and Tuesday March 20, 2007.

March 20 is also the Teaser Assembly and on Saturday March 17, 2007, there will be a dance rehearsal where you'll be called in

at different times. Be sure to consult the dance schedule later this week.  BE THERE OR BE TRAPEZOID.

Please make sure you come to rehearsals and if you can't make it, please notify Carras ahead of time. If you cannot make the very important rehearsal on Saturday rehearsal, please email Ms. Conley.

Love and joy and joyness,

Ange and Puffin.

March 6, 2007

Costume requirements are as follows:

Wonderful Town takes place in 1935 in Greenwich Village/New York City; we are asking the cast to come in with whatever clothes they have that will match this time period. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please see Mr. Carras or Ms. Musmeci as soon as possible; we also suggest looking at photos of the time period. A brief Google search of “1930s fashions” landed 105,000 hits. Please keep the following in mind: No spaghetti straps, no low-cut outfits, no skirts/dresses above the knee, no tight “stretch knits,” no jeans , n cargo pants or t-shirts (except where noted). We will need to see you in your costumes on Thursday, March 8.

Everyone will need to dress themselves in the following:

1) “Opening” outfit -- you are either a Village resident or a tourist (depending upon how you are cast during staging). Villagers wear jacket/tie or shirt/slacks or turtleneck or sweater w/khakis; lady Villagers wear blouse/skirt or blouse or polo shirt/capris (cardigan sweaters are OK, too). Tourists can have some tacky fun -- Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, sandals w/socks, fishing hats, etc.

2) Village Vortex night club outfit --Like the Villagers in the opening. Sport coat/slacks, skirt/blouse, etc.

We will dress anyone who is cast as a sailor in Conga and/or a police officer.

Individual character requirements are detailed in the costume memo.

Fich here.

I haven't blogged in so long, so I have a lot to say. First off, the entire cast rehersal was awesome yesterday.  Remember to look at the buletin board and at the website everyday for updates.  Second, Desserts on Us is in three days. YES THAT IS 3 DAYS!!!!

Don't forget to sign up to bring something because without desserts, we don't have Desserts on Us. Also, if you didn't order dinner yet

give your order to Carras. Third, the Costume Parade is on Thursday, March 8th. (It's also the day my braces come off Yay me!)

Don't forget to bring your costume because you need to show it to Carras and Musmeci. Fourth, now that it is "Crunch time"

(in the words of Carras). you need to listen to all directions/updates/instructions. It is so important that Carras doesn't get

overwhelmed and ready to jump off a building. (Hint Hint; we need him to be there on show nights.) Finally, in the words of Toby,

"Shut the portals of your teeth at rehersals, period. END OF DISCUSSION!!!!" That's all I have to say -- shocker, I know. Don't forget to

come to rehersal today.



P.S.  Marina is just a third party objective, with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, sitting there, peeling her orange.

March 1, 2007

Crunch time begins ... Perhaps, if I have a moment tomorrow, I'll list a few of the items from my "to-do" list so you can the magnitude of the work that remains in the next three weeks that we have until Show Time!

For now, let me just say this: Lindsay and I have have been talking and planning and we have a pretty good idea of who's-doing-what-and-when for Desserts on Us.  We also really need people to bake for Desserts, which is a week from tomorrow.  Cookies, Brownies and other self-contained units are preferred; cakes need to be cut and get a bit too messy.  If you are one of the people who reads this, then I am counting on you guys  to KEEP AFTER ALL OF THE SLACKERS and make sure we have food to serve.

February 15

To anyone actually reading this:

GN Record full-cast photo and headshots rescheduled to Monday, 3/5. 

T-shirt orders due ASAP.  Sweats still for sale.

Ads (personal ads and boosters) due the Monday we return from Feb. Break.

Finally, a message from Ms. Deluca:

Great Neck Is A

                               Wonderful Town

                                                            photo contest

  You be the tour guide!

Where would you go?   What would you show?


Photo must be:

*     Taken by the student submitting the entry

*     Taken within the school district

*     Submitted on   8 x 10 Photo paper ( no regular computer paper )

       Hi Tech photo in Great Neck has offered to print your Digital 8 x 10’s

         At the Specially discounted price Of only $1.50


entries must be in room 629 by the end of the day on March 16, 2007

                  Decision of the Judges is final.                                 Entries may not be returned


Entry form ( must be submitted with your photograph )


           Where photograph was taken

           ( be specific)____________________________________________________________

when photograph was taken_________________________________________________


      ***winners will be chosen by a panel of judges ***

               based on how well you have shown that

   Great neck is a wonderful town!


February 9

Hey Toby, Aaron, Emily, Hillary, Roei, Lindsay, Isabel, Ange, Matt, Marina, and Me:

Fich here.  If your name wasn't part of that you should be ashamed of yourself. You are NOT responsible.  If your name was part of that, Good for You. Tell your friends though.

In other news Saturday is Dance for girls and guys. DON'T FORGET BECAUSE YOU NEED TO BE PLACED IN THE DANCE!!!!! You should also go see the high school perform Arsenic and Old Lace tonight and Saturday. When you see the high schoolers perform that they will knock your socks off. You should also be so excited becasue Desserts on Us is very soon. I know, I know -- you're probably saying, "What is Fich saying, Desserts on Us isn't for a month." I know, but that is really soon. That is only two Singing and about two Dance rehersals till then. Also, don't forget to show up to all the rehersals that you are supposed attend. Gotta go becasue the period is ending.


February 6

The ladies' words will follow in a few lines ... I just wanted to "say" that I am pretty happy with how things are looking so far.  We have some dynamic moments and some potentially funny bits, though it's still a long way to go until the audience sees us.  On the other hand, please remember that I keep running notes to myself about who is reponsible, i.e. who shows up at rehearsals, how they behave, etc. and that information can be used to hurt and/or help you when casting decisions are being made.  "Speaking" of which, let's try the old responsibility test.  I'm curious to see how many people are actually reading this and being responsible.  I'm going to take a tally of how many people come up to me before the end of school on Friday, Feb. 9 to say, "Hey, Carras, I read your words," or "Hey, Carras, thanks for all of the hard work you and the girls do w/t blog."  I have a pretty good idea of whose faces I will see and whose I won't, and I'm kinda not looking forward to the results of my informal survey.  Prove me wrong. 

Hey Playgeeks! (haven't used that one in a while)

Lindsay here.  Today Carras and I got to talking about Desserts on Us.  Just a heads up for all you "plan ahead-ers" -- at full-cast rehearsal on Wednesday the 16th, Carras and I will be sending around a sheet of who is baking and bringing what. If you decide to be a dedicated and really cool cast member and sign up to bring something, PLEASE DON'T FORGET! I promise that I will hunt down anyone that signs up and I will make sure that you bring your dessert.  BE VERY AFRAID! Another note -- if you by any reason have to miss that rehearsal on February 16th, (which should only be if, in the words of Ms. Conley, "You are bleeding, or on fire") please make sure you see me or Carras to sign up to bring stuff.  Anyway, I hope you all have a great day ...

Love always.



Hey everyone, it's Hillary! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's blog. Its Tuesday, my favorite day of the week. Yesterday we cleanly ran Orange Cast up through page 55.  I have to say that it is coming along quite nicely. Rehearsals are going by so fast... :-( <--- sad face! I really don't want this amazing experience to end.  T-shirt order forms are out, so get them in ASAP! Along with the ads and boosters! Desserts On Us is coming up soon; Lindsay and Carras are working hard to perfect it and make it a fun night for all! I don't have anything else to say (I know -- shocker)! See everyone at FULL CAST REHEARSAL tomorrow!



February 5

Hey Everyone!

Hillary here.  I know, I haven't blogged in long time. Dance this weekend was so much fun! Livers and I finally got the steps for "Conga"! YAY! The dance for "Pass The Football" was AMAZING! After seeing that dance, I want to be a choeographer even more! Ms. Conely has the BEST job ever ... working with US (hahah).  By the way, EVERYONE should go see the high school play Arsenic And Old Lace.  My brother is in it so you will definately see me there.  It should be a really good play.  I am sad about leaving at the end of the year, but when I think about it, I am embarking on a whole new journey at the high school. Enough about the future ... today we are running Act 1 with Orange Cast and, if it goes anything like Friday's rehearsal with Blue Cast, we are in really good shape.  I expect to see everyone on Wed. for FULL CAST REHEARSAL!!!!!!! I can't wait to see everybody!


*Headshots will be taken soon

*Costume Memo should be posted soon

*Stay posted for next weekends dance schedual


*Tickets will be on sale AFTER vacation

*Arsenic And Old Lace Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat.

*Deserts On Us March 9th

I think that's it.  If I think of anything  else you will see another blog from me! See everyone very soon!



P.S. -- 10 days until I go to FLORIDA!!!

Hey everyone,

Fich here.  Hope that you all enjoyed my blog from Friday.  Dance was so much fun. "Conga" and "Swing" are amazing dances and I know that it will be even more amazing on show night. By the way, Desserts on Us is only a month away. I know it seems like a long time, but it's really not. Try to show up to every rehersal that you need to be at because the show won't be at its best if you don't know what you're doing. If you are an actor or actress in Ruth's stories, you need to be there on your days.  You may not know what days or pages you are but ASK CARRAS.  If he's rehersing your pages, you need to be there.  Wednesday is a full cast singing rehersal which means you (yes even you with the face) need to be there. In the words of Mr. Schwartz: "We only have 6 more rehersals before the show."  Gotta go.


February 2

ELA Grading Workshops are done ... Now it's back to the fun stuff, i.e. the play!

We have a run-through of all of Act I today w/Blue and Monday w/Orange.  That means, of course, that IF YOU HAVE LINES, then you must be there.  That means you, associate editors, chef/waitress, Tour Guide and tableaux players.

What else can I tell ya? The costume memo will be out soon; I'm hoping to distribute it on Wednesday.  Headshots will be taken soon, as will our photos for the GN Record and Yearbook.  The gypsy sweatshirt is being updated and modified and will be awarded soon.  Other 'n that not much else to report.  Do you have anything to tell me? Just let me know ...

And now for a word from Fich:

Hey everyone,

Wow, I haven't blogged in so long.  Anyway, tomorrow is dance for all boys.  Don't slack off and miss it because you really need to be there.  On Sunday, everyone has dance so try to be there. I know it's Super Bowl Sunday, but honestly -- who really wants to watch big guys chase a piece of pigskin? Okay, okay ... I would go for the food, but whatever.  Back to dance -- try to make it because, as Carras and all the 8s have told you, "You are a vital part of this show."  Without you, we would be nothing.  At least make a cameo apperance and then I won't say anything else.  Gotta go because the period is ending.


January 30

Hey LABFs!

Its me again! Tomorrow is FULL CAST rehearsal (emphasis on the FULL CAST part), which means EVERYONE (yes, even you with the face!) must attend.

Hello, Toby speaking.  I just wanted to say , KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, CHICKADEES! YEE-HEE!

January 29

Hey FOBs (Fans of Blog):

We have entries from Ange P. and Lindsay C. (and a little bit of Hillary K.) below, but I just wanted to catch up with everyone before I turn it over to the students.

The acting last Thursday/Friday went pretty well.  It's an odd scene -- on the one hand, everyone's basically sitting down the whole time, so it should be easy, right? Not really ... we spent time on line readings, how to fight for a seat (I have to show Orange the newly agreed-upon method of fighting) and, unfortunately, we had our first major hit of absences (some OK, some not) on Friday; we lost Baker a little early, and we had no Helen, Wreck or Frank.  It's not the easiest way to rehearse.

I was happy to be here on Saturday to see the dance rehearsals already in progress.  I was once again reminded of how talented my collaborators are.  Ms. Conley's got all of you dancing up a storm in "Conga," doesn't she? Add Re, Schwartz, Kostopoulos, Deluca, Musmeci, Mead, DeSiano and Cimbalo to the mix and it's quite a roster of teachers.

Now enjoy Ange's words ...

Hey Everyone:
It's Ange.  I thought maybe you guys would like to hear an interpretation of the Credo.  This is something that has been very comforting to me and I know it has been to others, too. If you haven't already, please read it. Here is the interpretation for me.

"You want to be part of our company because you love theatre."
Of course you do! Theatre is a way to express yourself and be yourself.  We said last year at the "Feel-a-thon" that whenever you are "here," meaning theatre, you can be yourself and all the cliques dissolve. You simply love it.

"You delight in sharing your talent with an audience -- no matter how large or small the part."
Guys, talent doesn't mean lead role. It means, "I go up there and I give it my all." It doesn't matter what part you play, it's how you play it.

"You want to learn about the performing arts and, in the process, learn more about yourself."
Well, I did. I not only knew I had a really loud voice, but I also learned I could make a lot out of 4 lines. Heck, I could make a lot of out 0 lines!

"You recognize that you will be able to put these skills to use in whatever goals you pursue."
Easy.  Now, you'll never get a parking ticket. Ha! No, it means that there are more things to learn, its not only acting, there's more than that. You have to learn those for yourself.

"You want to become part of a cast/crew that functions like a team and, in doing so, become a better individual."
Teamwork is so important. Being able to work well with others will help you so much in the future. Plus, it's more fun than working alone.

"You appreciate that our ensemble breaks down barriers that may exist elsewhere and that it eventually moves beyond being a team to become almost like a family."
It is a family, and everyone should respect their "siblings', and their "parents."  This includes the Crew, not just the Cast. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that's what matters most to me! Woooh, I rhyme!!!

"You know that there are high expectations for you as a company member and as a student; you are expected to maintain your studies while bringing your best qualities to your part so our audience is left thrilled and wanting more."
There is always time for both. You know that you have 2 very important sides of you. You have your student side, and your theatre side. They must always be in balance. If they're not, ask some advice from your "elders." Most 8's have done it all 3 years. If you find one that has, ask them how they managed their time and put on a great performance all at once. Plus, ALL 8's are nice and good-hearted. So, if you do ask one that hasn't been in the show before, they'll show you the way to one that has.

"You understand that how you behave and choose to contribute to the overall well being of the show affects your standing within the South Theatre Company."
Look at it this way, if you act obnoxious, people will remember that. If you are helpful and kind to others, people will remember that. You will also be more respected if you choose to be "good." One other thing, don't act like you know everything, because there will always be someone who knows more, and there will always be Carras. =) Just be yourself, and if yourself is cruel and not helpful, then be someone else.

"You appreciate that the show is bigger than the sum of its parts and acknowledge that everyone, from the crew that built the stairs to the chorus member standing on them, contributes to its success."
Without an ensemble, we wouldn't have a show. Just because you have 0 lines or 2 lines or 500 lines, doesn't mean you're more or less important than anyone on that stage or behind those curtains.  Just know that the show needs you and you do contribute to its success.

"You want to have fun."
And you will.

Thanks for listening and taking it all in. This took me a while to think up, so don't make it go to waste.

Ta-Ta ya'll.

And now Lindsay:

Hey LABFs! (Lindsay/Angela Blog Fans!)

Dance rehearsal was so much fun ... I got to dance with my new BFF, Hannah S., for about 5 hours, and before it was taken away, we summoned the spirit who calls herself Rex on the Ouija Board. Fun, Fun, Fun! During dance we learned a lot of "Conga!," a big scene from Act 1.

*NEWSFLASH*= Carras and Angela just attempted Marina's Adult Voice.  In my opinion, it was a sad attempt.

That's all for now! Type to you soon LABFs!

Love always,


Hey Peeps!

I haven't "blogged" in a LONG time! But the period is almost over, so sorry -- I will blog tomorrow! Sorry for keeping you waiting!



January 25

Hey Knuckleheads!

Lindsay here. Today after school we have a WT rehearsal, and I'm psyched for the few lines I'm going to get to say.  Earlier today, Carras hunted me down in Study Hall to talk to me about costumes. I'm really excited ... if anyone has ideas as to what a rich, old lady should be wearing, please tell me your suggestions. We are going to need to think about costumes for all the characters eventually, so you'll be getting a memo just before winter break to give you some suggestions.

Also, I wanted to just remind everyone who took home posterboard for the art show set to get painting!! If you need 1930's inspiration, click on the link that Ms. Kostopolous posted on the 19th. It should  give you some idea of what you should be doing. Also ... I am still on a search for someone interested in helping me (actually, just do it for me!) draw a picture of some kind of dessert/NYC skyline for the Desserts On Us program. I want it to look really good, but it won't if I draw it! Anyway, I hope you're enjoying my blogging ('cause I sure love doing it!)

I want to recap yesterday's FULL CAST ... (yes, you too... with the face! - TOBY). In my mind, it was a great rehearsal, not only because of the singing, but also because Mr. Schwartz found time to say his favorite line: "IF MY NAME IS ON THAT PROGRAM, IT BETTER BE GOOD!" I never get tired of that. FROM ALL OF US HERE IN MR. CARRAS'S ROOM 6TH PERIOD ... WE'RE THE LUNCH CREW, SO HAVE A GREAT DAY KNUCKLEHEADS!

Love always,

Lindsay (and Toby and Danni who have managed to drive me crazy correcting my spelling)

January 24

Hey Playgeeks!!

It's me, Lindsay C., here to tell you that I am so excited for the show this year, and I am so sorry that my friends wrote that "stream of consciousness" blog yesterday ... I didn't get it either. Anyway, as you read yesterday, I met with Carras to work on Desserts on Us and I think it's going to be really great this year. I need to find someone who can do some drawing of some dessert and/or a NYC skyline for me on the cover of the program because I'm artistically challenged (and just for the record, technologically and instrumentally as well). So, if you're interested, you can probably find me just about anywhere (Carras's room 6th period, TV Studio for homeroom),or you can talk to Mr. Carras and he'll pass on the message.

Also, start thinking about what you want to bring for Desserts since we'll be passing around a sign-up sheet soon.  It's Friday, March 9, so go ask your neighbor for some sugar and get baking! Talk to all of you later ... I'll definitley be posting again soon ... I hope you've enjoyed my guest blog ... at least you understood it ... (eh hem ... Fich, Ange, Marina, Toby and Hillary...) so talk to all of you soon.... remember to come see me with any questions concerning Desserts.

Love always,

Lindsay <3

Hey Guys,

Ange and Puffin here to talk a little about responsibility. Everyone in the show should be doing thee things especially now -- (1) checking the bulletin board outside the auditorium everyday to see if there are any updates, (2) listening to the morning news, and (3) looking for updates on the website.  Also, please make sure you come to (FULL CAST) singing rehearsal every Wednesday after school from 3- 3:50. There is attendance taken everyday, by the way, so don't try to get away with anything sneaky. Dance on weekends is no exception. You should be there if you're called! It's been said many times, but all conflict sheets should be handed in and you should be taking advantage of email. OK?

Love you all,

Ange P.

January 23

Just finished up doing pages 40-44 w/Orange and they look good.  Everyone's had lots of good ideas and we're chugging right along.  Press Conference also went well today; Michelle N's responses would've brought down the house at Desserts on Us, which is scheduled for Friday night March 9.  (If you don't know what that is, ask.  And you better plan to be there.)

Beyond that, I thought you might enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes at some of my responsibilities.  From Sept-Dec, we're in what's known as "pre-production," which involves many discussions w/Ms Re to get as much planning done as we can.  I also have to decide which show we're doing, casting, etc ... Once we're "in production," the meetings change.  I met w/Ms. K. and Ms. Re during period one yesterday to talk about topics ranging from the show logo to placement of art on the stage.  I met w/Ms. Deluca today to talk about $.  I met w/Lindsay C. yesterday to begin planning Desserts.  All of those activities mean that you all need to stay involved and pay attention.  Later meetings will cover sound, lights, costumes, etc.  To quote Mr. Schwartz: it's only SEVEN WEEKS until the show.  To quote Carras: time = death.

Hey guys! Its Hillary.  Here is my blog I wrote on Saturday night after dance:

I had a blast today at dance! It was great to see Ms. Conley and I think our dances this year are going to be better than ever! I don't know about all of you, but the steps for "Swing" are already engraved in my mind! I was disappointed at tryouts because I couldn't get the step, but now I can't stop doing it! After listening to Ms. Conley's speech for the third year, I realized that this is my last year and with all of you guys, but we are going to make it an AMAZING year! I didn't realize how much I missed those long dance rehearsals!!! Everyone did an amazing job and I can't wait until next weekend so we can all get back on stage and continue working until we perfect all of these dances! I hope all of you are as excited for Wonderful Town as I am! Even though I am going to miss the play next year, I will always remember how much fun we all have together! See everyone on Monday!

Now back to today January 23:

Yesterday's practice went pretty well.  I personally love to see everyone at practice having a lot of fun but still getting work done. We spent a lot of time on improv and the "Rookies" did a really good job.  Press Conference is one of my favorite improv games and between Jon being an Abercrombie Model to Bobby being Hannah Montana, it was really funny. We also had fun being our favorite ice cream flavors, favorite fruit and many other funny scenarios. We finished off the pretzels :-( I think everyone was laughing when Sarah said her lines while trying to eat a pretzel.  See everyone at full-cast rehearsal on Wednesday!

Monday, January 22

Sometimes I'll let the cast "speak" for themselves.  Very little of what follows makes any sense, but here it goes:

Fich is back and here's what she has to "say:"

I am loud and I am proud.  Back and louder than ever.  I think the conference taught me how to talk more and louder instead of becoming a leader.  By the way, I would have written more, but the period is ending NOW!!!!!

And Ange agrees. Heckyess, she does. Did I mention that I rock? I did? OK!! Well, I'd just like to say one other thing..."DUDE, YOU JUST GOT PATTY SLAPPED!" YEE-HEE!!! (Toby said that)

Hey it's Marina, and she has a couple of things to say.  First off, Toby will be called, as of today, Brazilian Fashionista Chica Tobita! Second off, I REALLY strained my voice doing the "adult" voice, so I shall stop doing it for awhile ... maybe a couple of days ... or weeks ... OK, now I gotta stop! To end this, here is a message from Ange Pitt and Marina Tricc-"Dude, you just got patty slapped.."

YAY my turn! Just to let everyone know I wrote an amazing "blog," but Carras didn't get it.  So even though it will be posted on Tuesday, go back in time and imagine it was actually Monday! I know, time travel scares me too!!! Well, that's pretty much all I have to say at the moment ... I will think of something to say later because right now I want to go take a drink of my water bottle ... I love Poland Spring Water!!!!

xoxo Hillary

Friday, January 19

Here's the link from Ms. K that will show you what artwork from the 1930s looked like:


Also, we (that's me) take questions/guest bloggers (this page is a web log or "blog")/any other email requests.  Sent your ideas, etc. to and, if I feel like it, I may include you here.

I thought the first day of singing went pretty well.  I felt especially honored because I doubled-back after most of the full cast had left and got to hear some of our solo singers work with Mr. Schwartz.  It's always amazing to get to watch him work when he is sitting there basically arranging the song in his head and plunking it out note by note on the piano keyboard.  Remarkable.

We had 50+ at the start, but I think we were missing a number of people who either (a) had other commitments or (b) did not know that they needed to be there.  Please remember the following -- Wednesday singing is really a FULL CAST REHEARSAL.  Period.  Anyone who is in the show in any capacity must be there.  Also, if you cannot make it to an acting rehearsal, you need to let me know as soon as possible.  Same goes for telling Mr. Schwartz re: singing and Ms. Conley re: dance.  Veterans -- make sure the newcomers know what's required of them.

Dance is tomorrow.  I'll be there for at least part of it.

P.S. -- Toby says, "Hello there.  Yes, you -- you with the face. Hi!"

Angela was here on 1/19/07. I rock. OK.

Hillary was also here on 1/19/07. Wonderful Town '07 is going to be SICKKK!

Wednesday, January 17

The dance schedule has been posted in the schedule folder -- check it out!

I was struck by how much of a difference the auditorium makes in the prep process.  I complained the other day about it was a little "loosey-goosey" in the library classroom, but things returned to "normal" quite nicely yesterday.  Not only that, when we get to "see" the set (the associate editors' table was out there, as was Baker's desk), it makes the whole process easier and more dynamic.  We already came up with some great ideas and changes compared to what we did in the classroom.

Some of our favorite moments from yesterday:

The lion's ROAR! Meow ...

The way we may use food as a prop in the Baker/Ruth part of the scene.

Nicole B's perfect tipsy moments.  She and Mark G. will be meeting for drinks sometime in the near future ...

I'm writing this during seventh period, so we'll all be seeing each other for singing.  I'm very curious how many people will remember to be there.

Friday, January 12

Yesterday's rehearsal was a bit ... messy.  Perhaps it was because we were in the library classroom (where all future Thursday rehearsals will be held -- it's crew day in the auditorium), but it was the first time this year that I didn't get the work done as clearly and effectively as I would have liked.  I hope I don't have to start cracking down on people not involved in the day's scenes showing up at rehearsals.

Enjoy the three-day weekend.  I'll see the Blue Cast on Tuesday.

P.S. -- Please feel free to see me if you'd like to be a "guest-blogger."

Thursday, January 11

Not too much to report other than to remind you to checkout the bulletin board for details regarding our need for artwork for the art show that comes up in Act I, Scene I.  We also need pictures to hang in the Village Vortex nightclub in Act II and the grandaddy of them all, the masterpiece from Apopoulos's "blue/green period" that will hang in Ruth and Eileen's apartment.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey Everybody! I'm glad to be here to "talk" to you and bring you up to date with show happenings, etc.  Make sure you navigate around all the folders up top for whatever other news, scheduling info, etc., may be included on the "inside" pages.

It's hard to believe we only "really" started rehearsing a week ago.  We've already had a lot of fun and, more importantly, we're getting the creative "work" done in a timely manner.  Everyone has had a lot of great ideas so far (wait until you see the songs me and my BFFLs, Sarah, Emily, Julia and Sammy, have already done) and I'm pleased with how things are moving along.  My main realization so far is something I learned a long time ago -- COMEDY IS HARD! A more dramatic show like Oliver or The Sound of Music is easier to stage than a show like WT (get used to the abbreviation -- there's no way I'm writing Wonderful Town every time I have to refer to it).  There are so many more choices with comedy ... We spent 15 minutes the other day on how to spin someone just a few feet and there are so many more ways to interpret lines to try to make them funny.

One last bit of business -- if you're reading this, then I probably don't have to tell you to remember to be responsible enough to look at the bulletin board outside the auditorium for updates and to listen to HTV news every morning for last-minute news.  On the other hand, I'm counting on you responsible folks to make sure all of the knuckleheads who may not know better are up-to-date on all show matters.

That being said ... Let's pause to reflect about some of the funny bumps we've had on the road so far:

During the comedy timing improv exercise, I urged someone to say something "provocative, like ..." and I couldn't think of anything to say, so I said "platypus." 

"Uh, how is a platypus provocative?" replied Ange P.

"The 'intimidation' fireplace."  -- Fich, who also reported problems remembering all the talking and walking she had to do.

Lindsay C's stellar acting as (so far) the Eskimo Pie salesperson, and her desire to play Violet the dancer.

Marina T's angry adult voice.

Emily G's "Smoothage, roughage, snackage," and her added comment about the Ruth's desire for steak: "I don't really like steak.  Can we change it to something, um, expensive ... Lobster!"

Valenti x 3 (Jane C., Lauren Y. and their "understudy" Hillary K): Solid!

Roei C. and Michelle N. going, uh, face to face.

Sarah S.'s high-energy take on Ruth's pre-sleep exercise routine.

I'll be back with further updates when there's more to say.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Hey Everybody, or at least the five people who know about this at this point! The show has its own web page!

I'll be writing as regularly as I can on this welcome page regarding info about the show. 
In addition, the acting and dance schedules will be posted and, eventually, we'll include info about
Theatre Workshop and the Days Gone By section will feature my (and your) memories of our past shows.

I don't really have much else to write today other than that I'm off to Spain tomorrow and Mr. Amato, our tech expert,
hasn't shown me how to update the page from home, so this'll pretty much be it until January. 
Be well and enjoy the break! The work begins again on Tues., Jan 2!


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