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The Reading Center is a resource for teachers and students at South Middle School.  We have materials available for content area teachers to use that reinforce the curriculum.  We are also available to discuss comprehension issues that our students may face.  The guidance department works closely with us so that students who may need to improve reading skills are tested and then given a support class if it is appropriate.

We believe that we are a special place where students come so that reading issues and study skills can be developed in a caring, supportive environment.  Students work on reading assignments from their content area classes as a well as from material chosen by our reading specialists.  Since the groups are small, all students have the opportunity to participate in discussions and to ask questions about their work.  We want this center to be a place where students can be comfortable about trying new skills, making mistakes, and then learning from them.  We can monitor our students' progress, not only from the standardized tests we give, but also from their teachers' assessments as well.

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