Grade 6 Summer Reading Activity
Below is the information you need to complete Great Neck South Middle School's Summer Reading Activity. Please select a book from the Sixth Grade Summer Reading List.

Each of the books on your summer reading list has a common theme of bullying.  Bullying is defined as "Intentional, repeated, hurtful acts, words, or other behaviors committed by one or more persons against another in a hurtful, or harmful way."  Bullying may take one or more of the following forms in your book:

  • Physical - hitting, pushing, kicking other students; taking or damaging someone else's property; assault
  • Reactive - a student who has been repeatedly bullied becomes a bully himself hoping to hurt others in the way he has been hurt
  • Verbal - using words to humiliate and harass another student
  • Relational - trying to convince peers to reject or exclude another student; cutting a student off from social functions and friends

Directions:  Answering the following questions will help you reflect on your book.

Please make sure to find at least one sentence from the novel to support your answers, which should all be at least five sentences.  This reading guide will provide the basis for the first assessment of the new school year; in addition, it will be graded as a homework.

We hope this activity is one that will stimulate you intellectually and satisfy you emotionally. Have a wonderful summer and happy reading.

Reading Guide

Student Name:
Type of Book:

Describe the main character's external (physical) traits, as well as, his or her internal traits (on the inside - for example: kind, generous, jealous). Give at least one example of each.
Is your main character the bully or the victim?  What form does the bullying take? (Refer to the definintions above.)
By the end of the story, has the bully changed? Explain your answer.  Has the victim changed?  Explain your answer.
Add yourself as a new character in the story.  Describe the role that you would take.  For example:  What would say to the bully?  How would you help the victim?
What did you enjoy best about your book? What will you remember about it and why?

Great Neck Middle School's Summer Reading Activity