How to use PowerPoint


Step 1: Click on Microsoft PowerPoint Icon on desktop screen.

Step 2: A new presentation will open


Step 3: Click on box that says “Click to add title” and insert your groups title.

Step 4: Click on box that says “Click to add subtitle” and insert your group members, teacher’s name and your class period.

Step 5: Click on “Home” tab and then click on “New Slide” icon to insert your next slide.

Step 6: Use the feature in Step 5 to create all of your slides for your PowerPoint.  You should make sure you have saved your presentation under a name you will remember to either your documents or a flash drive.  You save the same way you would in Microsoft Word

(Click on Microsoft icon in top left-hand corner, click “Save-As”, etc.).


Step 7: To insert pictures from the Internet, have a blank slide open, copy the picture and paste it onto the area where you want it to be on the slide.  You can move the picture around and adjust it by double-clicking on the picture.  This will give you a “Picture Tools” menu at the top.



Step 8: All of your slides will appear on the left-hand side of your screen for you to view.  If you need to change the order of your slides, click on the one you want to move, hold down the button on the mouse and drag to the new location.



Step 9: Once you have completed your PowerPoint, click on the “View” tab and choose “Slide Show” to present your PowerPoint.

Step 10: Click the button on the mouse or hit the “Return” key to advance slides.