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7th Grade Science

Skills (introduced and reinforced throughout the year)

        *  using a textbook, note taking,  homework format

        *  preparing for exams, test taking strategies

        *  notebook organization

        *  conducting an experiment- scientific method

        *  how to write up an experiment- lab reports

        *  math integration-  graphing, charting and formation of data tables, rounding off, calculator

            operation, use of formulas

        *  reading skills- integration of reading comprehension skills

        *  use of a triple beam balance-mass vs. weight

        *  use of a metric ruler- for accurate measurements

        *   microscope use- measurement under a microscope

        *   wet / dry slide preparation

        *   use of a dichotomous key

        *   safety skills


        *  review periodic table

        *  review atomic structure

        *  chemical formulas

        *  introduction to valence electrons and ions


Cell  Processes

        *  life processes

        *   cell structure / cell theory

        *  levels of organization

        *  cell transport, respiration, mitosis

        *  photosynthesis, meiosis (intro only)


        *   DNA structure

        *   genes

        *   heredity


        *   variation

        *   competition

        *   natural selection


        *   domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species

        *    animals

        *    plants  - photosynthesis, plant  systems.

        *   adaptations

Body Systems - human

        * general concepts

        * cardiovascular

        * skeletal

        * digestive

        * excretory

        * integumentary

        * fertilization, development

        * nervous

        * respiratory

        * muscular


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