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Course Information

The South Middle Science Department has developed a curriculum to address the challenges middle school students face. It is our hope that we can instill in each of our students a love of learning and a foundation of knowledge and experiences that will prepare them for high school, college and their professional careers beyond. Our curriculum is based upon the Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum (grades 5-8) and the New York State Learning Standards for Math, Science and Technology. Intermediate level science courses are designed to help students master Standards 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7.

Standards 1, 2, 6 and 7 describe process skills common to mathematics, science and technology:

  • Standard 1- Analysis, inquiry and design.
    Students will use mathematical analysis, scientific inquiry and engineering design, as appropriate, to pose questions, seek answers, and develop solutions.
  • Standard 2- Information systems
    Students will access, generate, process, and transfer information using appropriate technologies.
  • Standard 6 - Interconnectedness: common themes
    Students will understand the relationships and common themes that connect mathematics, science, and technology and apply the themes to these and other areas of learning.
  • Standard 7-Interdisciplinary problem solving
    Students will apply the knowledge and thinking skills of mathematics, science, and technology to address real-life problems and make informed decisions.

Standard 4 addresses the content areas of life science, earth science and physics:

  • Standard 4 - Science
    Students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical setting and living environment and recognize the historical development of ideas in science.

Our program of instruction is open to periodic revision so that it remains current and in tune with current trends in education. We recognize the importance of technology integration, field trips and continued teacher training so that we maintain the high level of enthusiasm and expertise that we currently enjoy.


All students in South Middle science classes are expected to follow all safety guidelines required by the Science Department.  All students are expected to demonstrate common sense and a willingness to abide by classroom rules and regulations. There can be no horseplay in the science classrooms or in the science hallway. Students passing through the hallway on the way to lunch are expected to walk quietly through the hallway.  Any students who creates a disruption to the learning process will be referred to the deans.

Written Work and Grades

All written work or computer-generated work should be neat and must show evidence of appropriate effort.  Every assignment should contain the heading requested by the teacher. Computer back-ups for all computer-generated documents are suggested.

1). Grades are based upon

        A). tests and quizzes

        B). lab reports / projects

        C). homework (includes maintaining an organized notebook)

        D). class participation

        E). extra credit

Note:  If a child fails an exam, he or she should neatly write out their test corrections and review them at extra help in a timely manner.

2). Students are expected to bring to class:

        A). notebook- with reinforced paper, pens and pencils.

        B). pencil sharpener, colored pencils, eraser and 3 hole puncher.

        C). homework planner.

        D). pencil case

        E).  tools required by their respective teachers.

3). Attendance and Punctuality:

A). Each student is to report to class on time or with a signed late pass from the appropriate teacher. Unexcused lateness will be reflected in the attitude grade on the report card.
B). Each student should select 2 classroom buddies to contact for homework and class work assignments.
C). Extended absences (if anticipated) should be brought to the attention of all teachers in advance. Extra help sessions should be attended upon return to school.
D). Make up of exams, homework and classwork will be accepted within a reasonable time period established by the teacher.

4). Extra Help Day and Testing Day:

A). Extra help and testing days are established for each department at the beginning of each school year. A secondary testing day and corresponding extra help day will also be assigned and announced. Quizzes can be given any day of the week.
B) Additional academic support can be received in the South Middle Learning Centers.

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