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The goal of science education is to develop scientifically literate students who understand and appreciate the ways in which science, technology and society influence one another.

Scientific literacy requires a knowledge base of facts, concepts and systems as well as processing skills that will enable the student to continue to learn effectively and think logically. Thus students can utilize their knowledge of science in every day decision-making processes.

The Science Department of South Middle School works very hard to present each and every student with positive and motivational learning experiences throughout their three years at South Middle.  We believe that every student can and will learn the elements outlined in the Core Curriculum while experiencing improved self confidence.  Our hope is that each student will develop a positive attitude towards science and technology as they progress through our hands-on program of instruction and move toward their high school and college experience.  Along the way, we will provide many opportunities for our students to participate in a variety of clubs and science competitions that will provide additional challenges for those who seek them.

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