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All work done for class counts!

Every homework, lab, test, and quiz will be assigned a certain number of points. All of the points will be added up at the end of the quarter. Your grade will be based on the number of points you earned divided by the total number.

For example, if the total points for the quarter is 300, and you earned 250, your grade would be a B (250/300 = 83%).

Tests, Quizzes, and Labs:


Tests: There will be 2-3 tests per quarter. Tests will be given on the department designated testing day which is TUESDAY. Each test can be worth up to 100 points. Students receiving less than 70% can take a make-up test. The grade on the make-up test will be averaged with the original grade, but the final grade cannot be above 70%.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be worth fewer points than tests. They can be given at any time - with or without notice. They may also be open-book. Therefore, make sure your homeworks and class notes are always up to date!

Labs: There will be 2-3 formal labs per quarter. The points will be determined based on how long the lab is. Late labs loose 2 points each day that they are late and will not be accepted after 2 weeks of the due date!


Extra Credit:

I strongly encourage my students to do extra credit work.

Almost any scientific topic is acceptable for extra credit. I especially enjoy it when my students do research on a nutrition related subject (such as a vitamin, mineral, disease that has nutrition implications...).


I will accept a short research paper that includes information on what you learned while doing the research. You must include where you found your information (such as books, or internet sites). If the paper is a summary of an article, you must include a copy of the article.

You must ask for my approval before researching a topic.

Only 2 extra credit assignments will be allowed each marking period. Points will be added into your total points for the quarter.

Throughout the year I will inform you of other extra credit assignments or if you have an idea, feel free to ask me about it!


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