Life with Lipetz (Science is Life!!!!!)
8th Grade
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  Class Expectations:  
  • Come to class on time. If you have to be late, get a pass and do not disrupt the class when you enter.
  • Be prepared! Have a pen or pencil and your notebooks with you everyday (especially your homework!). Please do not chew gum or wear hats in my classroom.
  • When you enter the classroom, the first thing you should do is look at the overhead projector or the chalkboard. I will let you know if there are any handouts you should take and any assignments that you should begin right away.
  • I ask that you do all assignments (including tests and quizzes) that will be handed in to me in blue or black ink. Please do not use "funky" colored pens as it makes it harder for me to grade your work.

You must raise your hand all the time...

You should also try to participate a lot...
Great Neck Middle School
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