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U.S. History from Industrialization until the present

Unit 7-An Industrial Society
• The Maturing of an Industrial Society in the Second Half of the 19th Century
• Changes in the Social Structure Altered the American Scene
• The Progressive Movement:: 1900-1920: Efforts to Reform the New Society
Unit 8-The United States as an Independent Nation in an Increasingly Interdependent Nation
• The United States Expands Its Overseas Empire
• The United States Begins to Take a Role in Global Politics
Unit 9-The United States Between the Wars
• The “Roaring Twenties” Reflected the Spirit of the Postwar Period
• The Great Depression
Unit 10-The United States Assumes Worldwide Responsibilities
• World War II
• The United States in the Post-World War II World
• The United States in a World of Turmoil
Unit 11-The Changing Nature of the American People from World War II to the Present
• An Age of Prosperity Characterized the Postwar Society
• Post Industrial Society Ushers in the Age of Limits
• The Americas Move Toward the 21st Century
Unit 12-Citizenship in Today’s World
• Citizenship in the United States
• Citizenship in State and Local Government
• Comparative Citizenship

The eighth grade United States history course deals with the study of history from Industrialization until the present day. The study of geography is incorporated with the chronological units of study, as well as social history, economic and law-related issues.
1. Grading - quarter and final averages are based on the following categories:
a. tests / projects
b. homework
c. quizzes
d. class participation
e. research reports
f. oral presentations
g. group works
h. other means of assessment

2. Student Expectations - students are expected to bring to class each day:
a. an organized notebook with dividers, two pens and two pencils.
b. homework assignments carefully done with a heading including the full name, subject and date.
c. an assignment pad or plan book.

3. Attendance and Punctuality
a. All students are to select a class "buddy" to contact for homework assignments and notes when they are absent.
b. All students are expected to arrive to class on time.
c. Unexcused lateness to class will be reflected in the attitude grade on the report card.

4. Make-up Tests
a. Make up work will be allowed for excused absences only. The time of make-ups will be arranged on an individual basis between student and teacher. However, if a student is absent only on the day of the test, s/he should be prepared to take the test on the day s/he returns to school.

5. Quizzes and Exams
a. Quizzes are short tests that may be announced or unannounced. Quizzes generally deal with current school work.
b. Exams are generally a full period in length and are announced.
c. Final exams will be weighted as 1/9 of the final average. Student study guides are provided. Final exams cover broader scope of the course content and are cumulative.

6. Textbook: The American Nation

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