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7th Grade Units for the Year

To get to the homepage for each unit, simply click on the unit title. From each homepage you will be able to access an overview of each unit, a vocabulary list for each unit, as well as interesting links related to the unit.  If you are interested in finding out the names of the songs that we have heard during the year you can find them here

Unit 1: Colonization of North America
Unit 2: Colonial Life

Unit 3: Slavery

Unit 4: Crisis in the Colonies

Unit 5: The American Revolution
Unit 6: Creating a New Government

Unit 7: The Constitution & the Supreme Court

Unit 8: The Early Presidents
Unit 9: Westward Expansion

Unit 10: The Coming of the Civil War
Unit 11: The Civil War
Unit 12: Reconstruction

Unit 13: The Frontier

Unit 14: Industrialization
Unit 15: Immigration & Urbanization


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