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Mr. De Siano

Eighth Grade Social Studies

Great Neck South Middle School

2017– 2018 School Year

American History

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General Class Procedure:


  • When the bell rings you should be seated. Your iPad/planner should be out, and the homework copied down. (Homework is also listed on my webpage and Google Classroom.)
  • Once finished you are to begin the Do Now. If completed early, students are to remain silent and seated.
  • If you are not in your seat working, or if you are talking, you are unprepared. Three unprepared marks count as three points off your accumulated points.
  • Lack of proper supplies is also considered unprepared. Always bring a pen, paper and charged iPad to class. 
  • Students are to treat everyone in class, and school, with equal respect. My class does not tolerate those who fail to tolerate others. We all do not look, speak, or think alike. Differing opinions and perspectives are encouraged and should be respected.
  • Students are asked to monitor their bathroom use. There are nine periods in the day to alternate bathroom usage. Please see me with any special circumstances.
  • There are to be no private conversations in class. Students are to remain in their seats at all times. If there is a question, raise your hand. When I am speaking, or another student is speaking, students are listening.
  • No food, drinks (other than water), or gum are permitted in the classroom.
  • The bell at the end of class is for the teacher. Please wait to be dismissed.


Grading Procedure:


  • Your quarter grade is based on an accumulated points system. The total number of points you earn for the quarter will be divided by the maximum number of points for the quarter. This will result in your average.
  • Homework assignments are worth five to ten points each. Points are lost for missing or incomplete (This includes details and specifics.) homework. If it is not with you in class it is late. Furthermore, if it is not electronically submitted before class it is late as well. Missed homework may be handed in the next day for half-credit. However, it is the responsibility of the student to make sure I see it. If a week passes, and there is no effort at completing the assignment, all points are forfeited.  A proper heading, in pen or typed, is required on all assignments (or - 2 points). Homework completion is essential to your success in this course.
  • Quizzes will be generally anywhere from 40 to 75 points. Quizzes serve as a method of unit evaluation.
  • Tests will range from 75 to 100 points. Tests usually consist of a combination of multiple choice questions, matching, fill-ins, short answer, and constructed response questions. Essays and DBQs count as tests.
  • Any projects/mini-projects are 50-100 points.
  • Part of your grade is based on your performance in class. Do you participate or ask appropriate questions? Do you answer when called upon? Are you prepared for class (see above)? Are you awake?
  • During the year, course material (dittos, readings, homework, videos, podcasts) will be posted on my website or Google Classroom. It is the responsibility of the student to view, and if necessary, print the material.
  • Extra credit assignments will be offered from time to time. However, if a student wishes to increase their point average at the end of the quarter they are to see me personally. All homework assignments require completion for extra credit acceptability.


Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty:


                            This is a very serious matter. Webster’s Dictionary describes plagiarism as, “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own.” This action is highly unethical, and counterproductive to your studies. Furthermore, copying someone’s homework, handing in material printed from the Internet, discussing an exam you have yet to take, glancing at another student’s test, or any other act of academic dishonesty is a serious offense and will not be tolerated. In accordance with school policy, you will not receive credit for any assessment that you cheat on.

Help and Review:


                                          Do not wait for the last minute to seek my assistance. If you encounter difficulty with the course material, see me immediately.  With prior notification, I am always available for help. This includes the morning of a test beginning at 7:30. Never miss an opportunity to ask me a question.


Self-Select Honors:


                                          This year students will have the opportunity to acquire an honors designation through their participation in a self-select honors program. While the choice is entirely yours, the requirements to achieve such a designation must be met. Students must sign a contract upon entering the program. More information concerning this will be discussed in class.


Curriculum:                            During the year a different themes of American History will be examined, as follows:


                            Unit I - War and Peace: Armed Conflict and International Diplomacy

                            Unit II - Economic Policy and the American Dream

                                   Unit III - Social Reform Movements and their Cultural Outputs

                                                 * Issues of Liberty, Security, and Identity are incorporated into each theme.


Consequences of Improper Behavior:


  • All students are on a three warning system. The system is as follows:
  • First Infraction – Verbal Warning.
  • Second Infraction – Phone call/email home to parents.
  • Third Infraction – Phone call/email home, and one day of detention with the teacher.
  • Students who write on desks or deface the walls will spend their lunchtime, in this room, cleaning.
  • All students will be held accountable for their actions. If you break the rules, you will receive the penalty. There are no special circumstances.
  • Arrival to class on time is essential. One late constitutes a warning. Two lates is a phone call or email home and a detention with me. Three late arrivals equal a cut and a referral to the dean.


Points of Information:


  • Extra help is given on Monday after school, unless otherwise noted.
  • The Social Studies testing day is Tuesday. The alternate day is Thursday.
  • If there is any reason to contact me, please feel free to call the main office, or the Social Studies office at 441 – 4655. I will promptly return all calls. For easier communication I can be reached via school email at –
  • My web page is - here students will find class information, course material, assignments, and numerous links.
  • Please keep all emails brief and school related, and always include your name in the subject.
  • Parent – teacher conferences can be set up through guidance.
  • Students are reminded that I am always available after school, and during the day with prior notification.
  • Any work you submit with your name on it is a reflection of you. Make sure it is your BEST.
  • Each student should check my webpage or email me personally if they are absent from school. For extended legal absences over three days the school can be contacted for assignments. An absence does not preclude you from homework. You are required to make every effort in obtaining the work.
  • Copying and pasting is never acceptable. Always paraphrase, in your own words, on all assignments.
  • Students may not utilize the online encyclopedia Wikipedia while conducting research or citing for a project or paper. This site is useful only to gain insight into the direction of your research.


In return for your cooperation, I promise to treat every student fairly and respectfully.


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